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By Todd Anthony Puma August 30, 2012
Were you ever out at a bar or event where you got to talking with a random stranger and through your conversation realized that they knew a lot about one of the brands you installed? 
By Todd Anthony Puma August 23, 2012
Imagine walking into a room where every single person you talk to will not only know what you are talking about when you say “Remote manufacturers are coming out with all new discrete codes by talking to cable and TV companies” but will be JUST as excited as you are by the news? This is just one of the many perks about attending one of the biggest trade shows of our industry, CEDIA. 
By Todd Anthony Puma August 17, 2012
How many of you, like me, were psyched when they came out with the very first iPhone? You waited and waited for your contract to be up so you could upgrade your flip phones for your iPhone. No sooner did you get your new iPhone out of the box and rip off that plastic seal than you started to hear the rumors about the next generation of the iPhone and think to yourself “Ugh, I should have waited for the new one!”
By Todd Anthony Puma August 09, 2012
You are sitting at your first consultation with a new client in a $2 million NYC apartment. The customer begins what becomes a very long list of home theater features that they want for their home. Based on everything they said, you know that to make this system happen for them, it will come at a cost. The cost can trigger two emotions for you—fear or excitement. Fear that the client will not go with you because of the cost or excitement that you are going to land a big job.
By Todd Anthony Puma  August 02, 2012
When indecisive clients continuously change their product needs while you are trying to work with a deadline, wouldn’t you want to have someone in your corner that you could count on to immediately make that change for you without long hold times and a million phone transfers?


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