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By Heather L Sidorowcz June 27, 2013
When Harry Callanhan (played by Clint Eastwood in the 1983 movie “Sudden Impact”) walks in that morning for his cup of Joe, he finds a robbery in progress at the diner. A shootout occurs, and Harry kills all of the bad guys. Or so he thinks. A surviving robber makes for the door and grabs the escaping waitress Loretta. The bad guy points the gun to her head threatening to shoot.
By Heather L Sidorowicz June 18, 2013
As I sat on the plane to Orlando early Wednesday morning, (a flight I am familiar with since us Buffaloioans must escape to Florida during our bitter cold winters or risk freezing to death), I was excited for what lay ahead. I was off to my first InfoComm for a total of 50 hours and had packed my schedule accordingly.
By Heather L Sidorowicz June 12, 2013
All of our techs were on deck at a new golf clubhouse we had been working on for months. The new clubhouse would offer six zones of audio, five flat screens in the bar/restaurant, plus one more in the pro shop (two of these sets would be digital signage TVs). The system would be controlled via Crestron, complete with a 5-inch touchscreen housed in the bar.
By Heather L. Sidorowicz June 06, 2013
Remember when a 57-inch TV was huge? I’m talking 196 pound of rear-projection TV hugeness. Standing tall at more than 54 inches with a depth of over 27 inches, these mammoth sets dominated the room. Yet, those who owned these goliaths were proud.


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