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Jeremy J. Glowacki

Jeremy J. Glowacki

Jeremy J. Glowacki is a CEDIA Fellow and editorial director of Residential Systems and Systems Contractor News.

  • After Record-Breaking Year, Draper Pulls Back the Veil in Spiceland

    June 14, 2017

    It would be difficult to miss the sheer volume of new product announcements coming from Draper over the last six weeks. The 120-year-old projection screen, shades, and flat-panel display lifts manufacturer based in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Spiceland, IN, has been on an R&D tear, and today it unveiled rebranding, a preview of its new website, and a forward-looking logo to show off to atte...

  • Another Week, Another CEDIA Departure

    May 25, 2017

    I joked the other day to an industry friend that I should take a “screen grab” of the CEDIA website staff page. That way I could check it periodically to see if any more team members had left on their own or been shown the door. I was kidding, but now I think it might be a good idea.

  • Here’s the Motivation Behind Crestron’s $500 ‘Tax’ on Third-Party Devices

    March 17, 2017

    For some, the news harkens back to a heavy-handed “evil empire” image of “old Crestron” or simply “bad optics” from the control system purveyors in Rockleigh, NJ. It was a move that many felt did not fit the kinder, gentler approach taken by former hot-shot Crestron dealer John Clancy, who joined the company as VP of residential a year ago.

  • The Origin Story of Parasound's ZoneMaster 4 DAX

    February 15, 2017

    Recently, more and more tech pros are blending low-margin solutions like Sonos Connect into their offerings. Bob MacDonald has long recognized the opportunities presented by these technologies, which led him to the development of the 4 DAX, bridging the gap between semi-DIY and professional CI.

  • Savant Offers More Insight Into Changes

    November 17, 2016

    Rumors have been circulating a bit since Savant sent out an email to dealers explaining the changes to the structure of its sales team across the U.S. Some have speculated that the return of founder and chairman of the board Bob Madonna to CEO and the departure of William Lynch from that role may be a reaction to the seemingly tepid sales of the consumer-oriented Savant Remote, and that the c...

  • Can’t Keep Up with IoT? There’s a New Resource

    August 05, 2016

    In talking to Nicos Panteli, the co-founder and developer of Qioto, the website with the tagline “Discover Smart Home Solutions,” I felt like I was talking to any number of smart, engaging members of the CEDIA integrator (“technologist”) community. Panteli told me that he’s a professional integrator, who because of the size o...

  • Crestron’s CEO Clarifies CEDIA Decision: ‘We Don't Belong There Anymore’

    February 12, 2016

    Crestron’s president and CEO Randy Klein emphasized that his decision was based on the realization that CEDIA has become a broader show and that Crestron only wants to focus on the high-end part of the market. He also noted that CEDIA (the association) and the residential market are separate from the CEDIA show and that his decision was not an indictment of the market, in which the comp...

  • Crestron’s Ami Wright Explains CEDIA Snub

    February 04, 2016

    There’s already been a lot written about Crestron’s startling decision to pull out of the CEDIA trade show this year. After maintaining the largest physical presence on the convention floor, even the during the worst economic times, “Planet Crestron” will no longer grace the convention halls of CEDIA. 

  • Allnet Makes AV Distribution More Personal in Indiana

    January 13, 2016

    On the day I began my holiday vacation last month, I attended the grand opening of a local rep/distributor located only 10 minutes from my house in the Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, IN. The visit gave me a rare chance at a local story and provided me with a surprise Christmas present in the form of one of the distributor’s unique product lines.

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BP900 Family

The full BP900 speaker family

Full Shot

BP9060 Bipolar Tower Speaker

At the Base

A close up of the base of Definitive Technology’s BP9060 and its height-channel module

Logo Glamor

The iconic Definitive Technology logo.

From Above

Looking down at the Definitive Technology BP9060 Bipolar Tower Speaker

At Home

An example of the BP9060 speaker towers at home.


The CS9080 component center channel speaker

CS9080 2

The back panel of the CS9080

CS9080 3

A width up shot of the CS9080


The A90 component height modules

A90 Integrated

The A90 height module integrated with the BP9060 tower speaker