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Pete Baker

Pete Baker

Pete Baker is president of The BIG Corp, a sales and marketing representative and consulting firm.

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    Four Ways to Start Expanding Your Business

    September 05, 2017

    When business is good, it is easy to get caught up in daily “busy work,” tackling what is directly in front of you rather than creating a strategy for growth.

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    The Power of Preparation

    October 31, 2016

    What will you do to prepare for your next encounter with a new client? How will you separate yourself the competition? Are you ready to divert a storm?

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    Properly Valuing Your Services

    August 29, 2016

    When I owned my integration business, I was regularly asked how competitive my prices were, if my prices were similar to those online, if I would match the prices of big-box movers, and if it was better for the clients to purchase a device themselves and have me install it.

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    Defining Your Brand

    July 29, 2016

    What is your message? Who do you want to be and why is it important to your audience?

  • Success at Your Fingertips

    February 10, 2005

    Proactive custom integrators should seize the opportunity to simplify technology for homeowners.

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Group Shot of Dynaudio Dealers in Denmark

Danish loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio brought an inaugural group of “ambassadors” to its headquarters and factory in Skanderborg, Denmark...

Andrew Werdean Addresses the Gathered Ambassadors

Andrew Werdean, Dynaudio CEO of Americas, addresses the gathered ambassadors in a Danish pub.

Dynaudio Factory Tour

The tour was part of the launch of Dynaudio’s Ambassador Program, an initiative that introduces dealers to the Dynaudio brand and product line.

Dynaudio Factory Tour


Dynaudio Factory Tour


National Broadcast Center of Denmark

Highlights of the trip included a visit to the Danish national broadcast center, DR-Byen, which features more than 400 Dynaudio speakers, as well as e...

Dynaudio Dealers at the DR-Byen

Guests in attendance included personnel from Admit One, Atlantic Stereo, Audio Vision SF, Boca Theater & Automation, Crescendo, Eagle Sentry, Envi...

Factory Listening Session

Part of the Dynaudio factory tour included a hands-on listening session.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Øresund river in Copenhagen.