McIntosh Offers New Control Centers

May 11, 2012

McIntosh Laboratory is expanding its processor line with the debut of two high-performance AV Control Centers, the MX121 (MSRP: $6,000) and MX151 (MSRP: $12,500).  

 McIntosh MX121 and MX151

Designed to serve as “nerve centers” of total home entertainment systems, both units offer advanced features and functionality. Both units feature sophisticated HD digital audio decoding and HDMI video switching, including 3D Video Pass-Through capability.

McIntosh president Charlie Randall said: “McIntosh has always been known for our unmatched reputation for the finest music reproduction.  With our MX121 and MX151 Control Centers, we’re taking the lead in home theater quality and performance, offering discerning consumers an elegant new way to get the iconic McIntosh experience while deriving maximum benefits from all of today’s most advanced audio and video content sources. Both these control centers offer specific features geared to meet the lifestyle needs of our customers. For consumers looking for the ultimate audio-enhancing processor to complete their dream system, for instance, the MX151’s unequalled audio section and powerful RoomPerfect™ offers the perfect solution. For consumers looking for a unit that will dramatically enhance their enjoyment of both movies and music, the MX121 is an ideal solution.”

Both the MX121 and MX151 offer advanced solutions for controlling advanced video and audio source components, offering users total ease-of-use and straightforward control. The vast array of digital and analog inputs featured in both units can be custom labeled for simplified system operation and matched in volume level for a smooth transition between sources. Both feature built-in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding for the latest Blu-ray disc soundtracks. Two channel stereo source materials may be played back in stereo or processed up to a 7.1 multi-channel using Dolby Pro Logic IIx or DTS Neo:6 decoding. For added flexibility in multi-zone system building, both the MX121 and MX151 offer Dual Zone operation, allowing users to enjoy two audio / video zones of different media simultaneously in separate rooms with program selection and independent control.

The MX121 AV Control Center, part of McIntosh’s new “Home Theater Bundle,” offers a powerful suite of contemporary features geared toward today’s music lover. The unit’s built-in wireless streaming feature allows for access of music from local network devices. Additionally, a wired USB input connection allows for music on portable devices to be played back with full size fidelity. To improve video performance, the MX121 features a robust up-converting video processing engine with advanced HDMI capability, ensuring that all non HD video sources are up converted to HDMI output and scaled at up to 1080P resolution. All of the latest audio video film formats are supported including 3D Pass-Through, as well as all legacy source formats such as VCR and even Laser Disk.  
For consumers with expansive home theaters who want powerful reference-standard audio processing section, the MX151 provides advanced on-board RoomPerfect auto-equalization, and includes assignable balanced input and outputs and a dedicated analog phono section, as well as precision-tuned bass and treble tone controls. The MX151 also features a video processing engine with HDMI 3D Pass Through capability, as well as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.  

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