URC Launches Mobile Apps for Home Automation

August 25, 2014
URC has launched three mobile apps for its home automation systems, including one new app for the ccGEN2 system. All new mobile apps are available on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. The apps essentially turn one's mobile phone into a handheld controller for URC Total Control home automation systems. 
 URC has launched three mobile apps for its home automation systems, available on iOS and Android.
The new apps feature a unified look that’s consistent with other URC interfaces such as the MRX-20 Advanced Onscreen Network Controller. Using these apps, users can leverage the power of either Android or iOS mobile devices by turning them into amazing handheld controllers for URC ccGEN2 home automation systems. Right from a mobile device, users can control music, video, lights, security systems and more in new and easier ways. Swipe, tap and rotate to securely control all equipment. And, even create different profiles that are password-protected to allow for control of multiple homes or properties. While at the office or even away on vacation users can turn on lights, adjust temperature and more.

With intuitive graphical interfaces one can easily flip between portrait and landscape views, and do everything from setting a DVR to controlling music and automation. While at the office or away on vacation, users can turn on lights, adjust temperature and more. Thanks to the app’s new Shortcuts, users can add favorite devices as a Shortcut and gain instant access and information about their home automation system directly from the phone or tablet home screen—at a glance. Leveraging the powerful Android features Now Playing and Now Playing+ widgets, users can access information about their home automation system directly from the phone or tablet home screen faster. These provide instant viewing of important things about the home system without opening the app.

“Our ccGEN2 whole-house home automation system is sold exclusively through a network of highly trained and certified distributors,” said Cat Toomey, director of marketing at URC. “These new mobile apps are designed to complement and enhance ccGEN2 systems.”
Regarding the additional two apps, Toomey replied, “For the first time, Total Control users can now create multiple profiles to allow for easy control of multiple homes or properties. And, each profile can be password protected. Imagine checking surveillance cameras on your phone—while on vacation—or switching on the lights before you drive home. These apps deliver all of the functionality found in dedicated URC remotes and keypads, and provide the same familiar URC consumer-friendly graphical interface.”

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