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By Todd Anthony Puma October 16, 2014
Like any good band, AV needs a drummer to keep the beat. You always know the lead singer, but you rarely know the drummer. Yet, without him, the band will fall apart. Same goes for the network. Clients often don’t care about the gear installed in the networking rack, as long as it “just works.”
By Todd Anthony Puma October 13, 2014
Crestron Pyng is going to be a game changer for my integration company.  But the biggest challenge I face is that I don’t want to antagonize my existing clients by offering a more affordable Crestron solution after having sold them on a very expensive Crestron “Classic” system.
By Todd Anthony Puma September 30, 2014
The iPod Dock isn’t dead; it has just morphed. When talking about music and streaming content, the network backbone is critical. I’ve also talked to a few others in the industry and here is a quick recap of the various solutions out there.
By Todd Anthony Puma September 24, 2014
I was having drinks at the hotel bar and who should be next to me but URC president Doug Cole. We started talking about our businesses, then eventually got around to the elephant in the room: why my company had moved away from URC.
By Todd Anthony Puma September 17, 2014
Crestron’s Pyng is designed to greatly speed up set-up for basic home automation systems. I want to talk about how I foresee incorporating Pyng into my business and my clients' homes.
By Todd Anthony Puma September 12, 2014
URC’s booth was extremely crowded, and true to the high-low trend this year, Total Control was again the big story with ccGEN2 getting its own room.
By Todd Anthony Puma September 11, 2014
One thing is starting to take shape in the control and automation market: the high-end providers are offering more accessible product, and the entry level guys are trying to expand their footprint and capabilities into larger systems.
By Todd Anthony Puma August 27, 2014
Here are a few of my favorite solutions, that have helped me alleviate the ever-present aesthetics vs. performance conflict that we all encounter — from architectural loudspeakers to "wall acne."
By Todd Anthony Puma August 21, 2014
I can’t believe that CEDIA is only a few weeks away! I’ve been taking some time this weekend to think over what I really want to accomplish and check out this year and that has let to my Top 5 Must-See items for CEDIA EXPO 2014. What is top of your list to see at CEDIA 2014?
By Todd Anthony Puma August 12, 2014
If a manufacturer makes a mistake, then they should be on the hook for the repair. Just as a car manufacturer makes good on the labor costs a dealer incurs for a repair. Why should our industry be any different? Manufacturers seem to think their responsibility ends at the product, and not at the customer’s door.


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