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By John Sciacca September 13, 2014
By far the biggest theme in surround sound at CEDIA EXPO 2014 was Dolby Atmos. In fact, you practically couldn’t enter a home theater demo at CEDIA without hearing about and experiencing Atmos. Whether it was a speaker or AV receiver/processor manufacturer Atmos was the most buzz-worthy trend at the show.
By John Sciacca September 11, 2014
Rookie Row is where the manufacturer newbies at CEDIA EXPO introduce their companies to the custom installation world. This year there were fourteen manufacturers on The Row and I talked to them all, finding out how long they've been in business, why they decided to come to EXPO and what they are all about. 
By John Sciacca September 10, 2014
Prior to the official start of CEDIA 2014, I walked up and down the aisles of the media preview and stopped to chat with companies whose products caught my eye and asked them to describe the high points in a minute or less. Here’s a video of my favorite things from the preview including Epson, OmniMount, Pakedge, and more. (Photo credit: John Staley)
By John Sciacca September 10, 2014
Starting today, you’re going to be hearing the word Pyng a lot and you’re going to want to pay attention because Pyng is a game-changer not only for Crestron but potentially for the industry as a whole.
By John Sciacca August 26, 2014
If you have a showroom–or a work vehicle–you probably take for granted what it looks like. But maybe you’re overlooking the equivalent of a grossly stained bedspread. Step back and take a walk through your business and really look at it as a customer that is seeing your company for the first time would.
By John Sciacca August 20, 2014
A lesson in customer relationships during a recent business trip to New York City: empowering your employees to be proactive in making a difference and providing or at least suggesting a solution if possible can go a long way to resolving issues. 
By John Sciacca August 14, 2014
I was invited to New York yesterday (August 12) to visit Dolby’s offices—and more importantly, Dolby’s theater—to hear the home version of Dolby Atmos for myself.
By John Sciacca August 06, 2014
Here are some tips on handling customer complaints that I’ve learned from watching an expert over the years.
By John Sciacca July 29, 2014
Having had the “luxury” of working out of a showroom for the past 16 years, I often wonder, if we were opening our business now, would investing in a showroom make the most business sense? Or would a more streamlined approach make us more fiscally successful?
By John Sciacca July 23, 2014
If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, say before 2005, then you likely experienced the inverted-V of the blessings, bad times, (hopefully) back-to-blessings period of the economy’s effects on your business. Hopefully through the down time, you did learn some “lessons” that helped you to rebound and ultimately become a better installer, employer, and company altogether. Here are six lessons our company learned during the “bad times."



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