Build Your Network with Social Media

1/5/2016 5:35:00 PM
A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through my Twitter feed and noticed a tweet from Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead, Singled Out—yes, the MTV dating show from 1995!) that he was trying to decide between Crestron and Savant and was looking for some advice. I reached out to him through Twitter since I’m a fan and wanted to help out. 
Hardwick’s in LA and I’m in NY, so it wasn’t a marketing attempt, just me trying to help out and provide some advice. He seemed to appreciate my input and now follows me on Twitter, and we have exchanged a few comments here and there.
This got me to thinking about all of the relationships I have developed in the AV industry through social media. Relationships I likely would would not have been able to form as I would not have naturally come in contact with the other person.
I met Chris Neto, of AV Helpdesk via social media. Chris and I have become friends and because we are in complementary businesses (he is in the commercial space and we are primarily residential), we have been able to refer business to each other. It as become a great personal and professional friendship.
In fact, my blogging, tweeting, and writing career started with John Sciacca reaching out to me via Twitter, back when I first signed up for the service, for an article he was writing. Since then, John and I have become friends and colleagues. I can trace this blog, my participation as an AVTweep and work with CEDIA all back to this one Twitter message from John. Thanks Mr. Sciacca!
While business can come from a strong social media presence, don’t overlook the initial concept of this medium: to connect people with similar ideas and interests. Use your presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to not only build your business, but to build your network and create connections and relationships that will way beyond the next install.


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BP900 Family

The full BP900 speaker family

Full Shot

BP9060 Bipolar Tower Speaker

At the Base

A close up of the base of Definitive Technology’s BP9060 and its height-channel module

Logo Glamor

The iconic Definitive Technology logo.

From Above

Looking down at the Definitive Technology BP9060 Bipolar Tower Speaker

At Home

An example of the BP9060 speaker towers at home.


The CS9080 component center channel speaker

CS9080 2

The back panel of the CS9080

CS9080 3

A width up shot of the CS9080


The A90 component height modules

A90 Integrated

The A90 height module integrated with the BP9060 tower speaker