Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Top Talent in CI

By Henry Clifford | October 12, 2015

We always seem to hear from our competitors and friends around the industry how hard it is to find and keep good people. CEDIA is coming this week and we'll all have a chance to take some time off from our businesses to review our plans and come up with ways to improve our game. In the spirit of collaboration I figured this was as good a time as any to share with you what we've been doing to find, hire, and retain key talent.

Flying Into the Future With Yale Locks

By Matt Pruznick | October 8, 2015

Along with 10 other reporters, I was helicoptered to Connecticut to get a glimpse of some new security devices, as well as the complex assembly processes and rigorous testing methods utilized to ensure they’ll stand up to the test of time. 

‘ADAPT’ to a New Way of Programming Crestron Systems

By Todd Anthony Puma | October 8, 2015

For the experienced programmer, ADAPT appears to give you the ability to modify and tweak a system without the more involved steps in programming. For the dealer that primarily relies on third-party programming, ADAPT will provide a way to get in and get out quicker, especially when it comes to updating existing systems or adding in new components. 

5 Last-Minute CEDIA Tips

By Heather L. Sidorowicz | October 7, 2015

With CEDIA EXPO only days away, it’s important to make sure that you are planning accordingly. Here are a few last-minute tips to help you before you get to Dallas.

Roku 4 Ups the Ante with 4K Services

By Michael Heiss | October 6, 2015

The new Roku 4 bests the 4K functionality of its streaming competitor, the new Fire TV, by offering both 60 frames per second streaming and the HDMI 2.0 output required to deliver it. By comparison, Amazon’s 4K device is capable of only 30 frames per second, which indicates that its HDMI output is 1.4 only. 

10 Classes Worth Taking at CEDIA 2015

By John Sciacca | October 6, 2015

I scoured through the CEDIA EXPO Training & Certification book and pinpointed 10 classes that would be of benefit to any CI, whether industry rookie or grizzled vet. Showing how CEDIA is keeping up with the times, most of these classes are new for this EXPO.

TiVo Offers a “BOLT” of 4K Energy for DVRs

By Michael Heiss | October 2, 2015

With these new models, TiVo is among the first to provide for DVR capability with the anticipated introduction of native 4K content via cable as well as the existing 4K content offered by Netflix Amazon Prime and others. 

When Streaming Media Doesn’t Stream

By Todd Anthony Puma | September 30, 2015

Earlier this year SiriusXM made some changes to its service that impacted dozens of our clients. Firmware updates were required to get the service working on media servers across the industry, and some older media servers, I am told, couldn’t be upgraded and therefore wouldn’t work with SiriusXM anymore.

Curved TVs: Yay or Nay? Video Experts Weigh-In

By John Sciacca | September 29, 2015

While I can understand the geometry and increased edge-light benefits when using a curved screen with a front projection system with an anamorphic lens (the projected image having to travel further to reach the screen edges than the screen center on a flat screen just due to physics) having a curve on a direct-view LED TV just doesn’t make any sense to me.

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ELAN, Niles-Equipped Home

“With the Niles and ELAN systems in Robert’s new home, there really are no limits,” said Joe Abramo of Custom Automated Solutions.

Front House

“Before automating his entire home, Robert wanted to start small, so we only installed the theater and audio controls, where the Niles Auriel sy...

Back Yard

Abramo has since integrated the homeowner's climate controls, security, surveillance cameras, TV and video, lighting, garage doors, and driveway gates...


Abramo began installing the Niles Auriel system one week prior to the homeowner's move-in date. Abramo said it only took 30 minutes to install and fiv...


The homeowner enjoys the ability of the ELAN system to control all of his equipment from one app that he can access anywhere in the world.


The homeowner said he uses less power on climate controls, since he can shut it off when leaving and turn it back on again when leaving work, so it's ...


“The key is having a good AV/security expert you can trust,” said Robert, the homeowner. “Joe showed me things I never knew existed,...