Getting Customers on Board with a Foundational Approach to Power

By Jimmy Paschke | June 21, 2017

The wireless network is at the forefront of users' minds because they use it so frequently, and frustration can run especially high when it isn’t working. However, power conditions are just as important, and yet largely goes unnoticed in customer considerations—so long as the power isn’t frequently going out, they’ll give it little thought. Informed installers know that the power conditions of the home are an important factor, and plan ahead accordingly. 

When Third-Party Systems Crash Customer Confidence

By John Sciacca | June 20, 2017

We all know our systems are heavily reliant on third parties to deliver primary services to the home like cable/satellite, telephone, and internet. And for the most part, we and our customers live in a kind of detente with these service providers. But what do you do when these must-have third-party systems start derailing and crashing your customer’s confidence in the work you’ve done?

Don’t Be Second in Line to the ISP

By Henry Clifford | June 19, 2017

“Have you seen what we’re doing for our members?” asked the clean-cut DirecTV sales rep in our local Costco. I’d heard this siren call many times before but never answered. I decided to play along and take a fresh look at the world of Big Cable.

InfoComm: Emerging Themes

By Heather L. Sidorowicz | June 15, 2017

Day two at InfoComm in Orlando, and I am seeing three themes emerge: the extension of laser projectors, wireless BYOD devices everywhere, and the next wave of the huddle space (with new names).  

It’s InfoComm Time, but Here’s My Preliminary CEDIA17 Itinerary

By Todd Anthony Puma | June 15, 2017

I’m a little late on my game and just started looking at flights to CEDIA this year. With the long flight, I was considering taking the red-eye home on Friday, so that my time on the show floor would be jam packed. That got me to thinking about what booths I want to visit and what my goals for the show are. With Crestron no longer showing at CEDIA, I do have some more time on my hands, so here are few things I plan to check out.

After Record-Breaking Year, Draper Pulls Back the Veil in Spiceland

By Jeremy J. Glowacki | June 14, 2017

It would be difficult to miss the sheer volume of new product announcements coming from Draper over the last six weeks. The 120-year-old projection screen, shades, and flat-panel display lifts manufacturer based in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Spiceland, IN, has been on an R&D tear, and today it unveiled rebranding, a preview of its new website, and a forward-looking logo to show off to attendees of InfoComm and worldwide that the company is fully focused on the future.

Are You Offering ‘Halfway’ Solutions to Service?

By Joseph Kolchinsky | June 13, 2017

The nature of my work gives me the opportunity engage with integrators all over the country on a regular basis. One of the topics that comes up most often during these conversations is the growing importance of, and challenges associated with, providing quick, reliable support for clients, especially after hours. 

Five Technologies That Changed the Game for CI

By John Sciacca | June 8, 2017

When I started boiling it down in my head, there are really five major things that have had a massive sea change and lasting impact on our industry; technological changes that caused complete shifts in the way the industry worked then, and still work to this day.

My ‘Field-Level’ Concerns About Apple HomePod

By Todd Anthony Puma | June 7, 2017

Many of our Apple-centric clients will want the Apple voice solution, and will be the Sonos discussion all over again: they’ve heard of something out there from a brand name and they want it, but it doesn’t play nicely within the automation sandbox.

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