Networking for Everything from Sonos to Crestron

By Todd Anthony Puma | April 28, 2016

I know a lot of integrators have been concerned that with Control4’s acquisition of Pakedge, customer service may suffer from the networking technology provider. So far, based on my personal experience, we have seen no drop off in the quality of our interactions with Pakedge technical support; they are still amazing in what they do. 

Physical Media: The Force Awakens

By John Sciacca | April 27, 2016

Physical media seems to have the incredible, third-act staying power of a Rocky movie. Sure, it’s going to get beat to hell over 14 rounds, dragged about and battered in the mainstream, but at the end of the day, it’s gonna dig deep and manage one friggin’ hell of a left hook to come out on top right before the end credits start to roll.

Legrand Flips the Switch on Sustainable Energy

By Garen S. Sahagian | April 26, 2016

Last week I watched Legrand “flip the switch” on its latest investment in sustainability, a 500kW, solid-oxide fuel cell system for providing cleaner and more efficient power to its North American headquarters in Connecticut.

Paradigm’s Premium Wireless System vs. Sonos

By Heather L. Sidorowicz | April 21, 2016

Sonos' claim to fame is they built a powerful, unbreakable app for both iOS and Android (and Kindle too) that works, well—maybe even flawlessly. An integrator can install multiple rooms of music in hours. Most of us “in the know” install better speakers with Connect Amps utilizing the smartphone app with better quality sound.

How can another company compete?

Leap of Faith: Committing to a New Automation Brand

By Todd Anthony Puma | April 20, 2016

Mark (of Home Theater Advisors fame) recently began exploring new whole-home automation systems. So far, however, he has been concerned that he cannot get hands-on with certain products without a large upfront commitment in time, money, and resources. He is frustrated that most home automation companies require a leap of faith that you are going to love the product and that it will be a great fit for your business.

What Kind of Caddy Are You?

By John Sciacca | April 19, 2016

The modern caddy and golfer relationship reminded me of our roles with clients. Typically they have little to no idea what they need for their project, but come to us seeking our years of experience to provide the best read on their situation. 

What’s Your IoT Strategy?

By Henry Clifford | April 18, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of clients asked about the Ring doorbell. It’s another example of the continuing march of Internet of Things (IoT) products into our world of traditional technology integration. Unlike the Harmony, however, the Ring does nothing for our business. 

ANSI Lumens, Foot Lamberts, and Image Luminance

By Dave Rodgers | April 14, 2016

Arguably the most important element of creating a great projected visual display is the combination of a projector’s brightness and a screen’s ability to adequately reflect light. The overall result is known as image luminance. Simply put, if you want a good projected image, the image needs to be bright enough to be easily seen. It sounds simple enough but there are various rules of physics that must be followed in order to get that perfect image.

Turning Scope Creep into an Advantage

By Todd Anthony Puma | April 12, 2016

Scope creep exists in everything. My good friend Mark Feinberg used to be a management consultant, going into large corporations and working to improve processes and make the company more profitable.  While the projects would be sold with a tightly defined scope, clients always wanted to get more work done without increasing what they paid. Sound familiar?

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