Autonomic Broadens Focus with New Multi-Room Audio Package

April 2, 2013

Both the 8-channel M400 and 16-channel M800 digital amp will be recognized automatically by Autonomic’s web, iOS, or Android apps.
Autonomic, which established its reputation in the custom electronics industry for its high performance cloud-based media servers, has expanded its product range with a complete distributed audio solution. The Mirage Audio System matches Autonomic’s line of Mirage Media Servers with a choice of two digital amplifiers, two in-wall control options, and applications for iOS and Android devices that can be mixed and matched in any configuration depending on system requirements.

Autonomic CEO Michael de Nigris said that his company’s new lines were engineered to work seamlessly with the company’s server products.

“Every one of our servers have always been used with a competitor’s amplifier,” de Nigris noted. “Now installers have a complete package that is designed to work perfectly together.”

Both the 8-channel M400 and 16-channel M800 digital amp will be recognized automatically by Autonomic’s web, iOS, or Android apps to provide out-of-the-box media browsing with full control of all zones including volume, source selection and independent zone power (on/off).

The M400 is a four-zone/six-source amplifier intended for smaller installations or as an add-on amplifier to the M800 to support larger projects requiring additional zones. The M800 supports eight zones and eight sources. In addition to traditional analog inputs, both products have highresolution internal D/A converters with coax or Toslink digital inputs for all source inputs, making them an ideal pair with Mirage Media Servers, all of which feature a digital output that can be used as the primary source to supply crystal clear music to any of the zones.

In a category that already includes many established names, de Nigris also pointed out that the the company’s new amplifiers have “some impressive technical features” that make them stand out on their own, such as bi-directional IP control, digital inputs, 50 watts per channel, advanced zone linking capabilities, and expandability up to 96 zones.”

It all adds up to what he called, “out-of-the-box awesomeness with minimum hassle.” Without any special programming, an integrator can connect the system’s components together, perform a quick configuration of zone names, install the iOS and Android applications on their customer’s devices, and the result is “highly predictable, repeatable, and profitable,” de Nigris said. And retrofitting an older multi-room setup can be done in less than half a day.

“Pull out the old distribution amplifier and source components, slide in the Mirage Media Server and amplifier, connect the speakers and keypads using the existing wires, and install the applications,” di Nigris said. “A smart integrator can create a revenue windfall by using the Mirage Audio System to upsell customers who have aging legacy systems that are using CD players and FM tuners. In less than a day, poor radio reception and bulky in-wall volume controls are replaced by a universe of crystal clear music on the internet and sophisticated in-wall touchscreens that can control it all.”

The New Mirage Audio System supports highdefinition music files, iTunes and WMP playlists, and streaming music services, including Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, SiriusXM,, as well as local and international AM/FM radio stations via the TuneIn Radio Service.

The Rest of the Autonomic System

The Autonomic MKP iOS in-wall keypad mount is designed to accommodate the Apple iPod touch.
In addition to its M400 and M800 multi-room digital amplifiers, Autonomic is debuting two inwall interface options, including a basic keypad and an iPod touch control mount for the ultimate global distributed A/V solution.

The Autonomic MKP-1 inwall keypad will offer control of volume, source, and independent zone power. For more advanced control, the Autonomic MKPiOS is an in-wall keypad mount designed to accommodate the Apple iPod touch. Ideal for full control of the system in heavily used zones, the MKP-iOS securely affixes an iPod touch into the wall, providing the ultimate interface solution for the distributed audio system utilizing Autonomic’s iOS app.

The Mirage app will operate knowing which zone is native to that keypad. The installer can either lock the device to the Mirage Audio System application, or choose to leave other applications on the iOS device fully operational; extending the functionality of the keypad by providing access to home automation control, weather and news updates, or anything that the user desires. The MKP-iOS keeps the iOS device fully charged and powered through a single Cat-5 cable wired back to the amplifier location, and can optionally be powered locally using a DC power supply.

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