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Getting the Most From Your Facility

By Jeremy J. Glowacki | October 31, 2016

One of the challenges with the home technology integration industry is finding a consistent business model for success. The trouble is that each market is a little different, with different demographics and competition, so no single strategy works for every company.

CEDIA 2016: A Show of Partnerships

By Jeremy J. Glowacki | October 3, 2016

CEDIA certainly was all about adding Alexa voice control to custom-centric control systems and once-combative brands playing nice with the now more inclusive Sonos wireless audio system, but there were other collaborative arrangements that caught my eye at the energy-filled Dallas convention last month.

Alexa, My Weatherbot

By Jeremy J. Glowacki | July 5, 2016

My relationship with Alexa is complicated. On the one hand, she’s great at telling me the weather or setting a kitchen timer when I ask her for help, and she’s really responsive when I suggest that she raise or lower the lights in my family room.

Hiring For Attitude

By Jeremy J. Glowacki | June 3, 2016

The next time you bring a job candidate in for an interview, consider this: he or she is probably better trained at being interviewed than you are at conducting interviews.

The Gen X Gap in Market Spending

By Jeremy J. Glowacki | May 9, 2016

Many of you built your businesses to cater to the needs and desires of Boomers. We’re at a critical inflection point now, however, and you need to start thinking about who your customers are now but also who they will be in the next 10 to 15 years.

Driving Up a Home's Resale Value

By Jeremy J. Glowacki | March 25, 2016

Until now, the only “value” your systems really added to a home’s worth was in the smiles they put on your clients’ faces. Now your hard work has the potential of putting a little money back in their pockets, too.

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Nick Collins

Retired Green Bay Packers safety Nick Collins enjoys using his home’s 13 TVs to watch multiple football games simultaneously, supplied by the EL...

The Collins Patio

The music doesn’t stop when the family goes outside–the patio and pool area also feature ceiling and landscape speakers.

The Collins Home Theater

The home theater is equipped with a Sim2 projector, 123-inch Stewart screen, and a Dolby Atmos system featuring KEF THX-certified speakers and subwoof...

The Bar

The home features plenty of audio throughout, with 19 separate zones featuring in-ceiling speakers and subs from Origin Acoustics and SpeakerCraft.