vNet Outlines Product Roadmap

7/26/2010 10:32:29 AM

A variety of new products is in the Colorado vNet roadmap over the coming weeks and months.

Here’s what the brand has revealed so far:

Wireless lighting system:
An upgraded system shipping in November will use wireless ZigBee Pro technology, replacing the current syste,s ZigBee technology. The new system will upgrade support to 1,000 watts while offering the same design aesthetics as before. Additional details weren’t revealed.

September shipments are planned of the 7-inch TSI-7/70 with built-in 2x35-watt amp. It will replace another 7-inch model and add a higher performance amp, more choices of interchangeable bezels, and a more powerful microprocessor to support future upgrades.  Other features include five-band EQ and fixed and variable line outputs.

Outboard local amp: Citing dealer requests for a more powerful amp option in larger rooms, the brand plans fourth-quarter shipments of its first outboard local amp, a Class D model rated at 2x50 watts into eight ohms and bridgeable to 150 watts. The half-rack-wide, one-rack-high amp will be controlled from Vibe in-wall touchscreen/amps and feature 12-volt input and output triggers and video-signal sensing.

Custom speakers: The first vNet-branded speakers, shipping in the fourth quarter, will be designed to match the amplifiers in vNet’s touchscreens to maximize output and performance, said sales and marketing VP Petro Shimonishi. vNet won’t offer Russound-branded speakers because its dealers want exclusive limited-distribution products, she explained.

The five-SKU selection of two-way speakers will consist of one in-wall speaker and four in-ceiling speakers, including one single-speaker-stereo model. All will feature seven-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter except for the single-speaker-stereo model, which will feature an eight-inch woofer and two one-inch tweeters. They’ll feature baffles that tilt up to 15 degrees and flat, flat magnetically attached speaker grilles, and optional back boxes built from flexible material for easier installation. Pricing wasn’t available.

iPad/iPhone app: A video viewable on YouTube and downloadable at no cost from the iTunes store to iPads, iPhones, Macs and PCs will be available in early August for dealers to demonstrate a planned Vibe-controlling iPad app. In December, the company plans to offer an iPad app that will control a Vibe system’s audio functions. Control of Vibe-connected lighting, HVAC, and security systems will be added to the app at a later date.
The app versions that control audio and other home systems will not be free to end users, vNet stressed.

In-wall touchscreens will co-exist with apps for iPads and other handheld touchscreen devices, with some zones controlled by in-wall touchscreens and other zones controlled by iPad apps, Shimonishi said.


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