SVS Brings Audiophile Performance to New Price Levels

1/8/2014 3:51:00 PM
Walking through the halls of the Venetian hotel’s high-end audio suites this week in at International CES in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of six-figure audio systems to listen to. But it’s refreshing to step into a suite where a company is just as committed to delivering high-quality performance at a price that nearly everyone can afford.
SVS's new 2000 Series subs: the PB2000 (top) and SB2000 (bottom).
SVS is doing this with its new 2000 Series subwoofer, featuring massive bass performance for less than $800. The sub is offered in two models, the PB2000 ($799) and the SB2000 ($699).

The PB is larger, weighing in at 66 pounds and measuring 20.9 x 17.3 x 22 inches, and is a ported design capable of hitting notes all the way down to 17 Hz, for listeners that want the maximum low frequency slam out of their system.

The SB2000 is a far more decorator-friendly form factor, measuring 14.2 inches all around and weighing only 35 pounds. With its smaller, sealed cabinet design, the SB2000 reaches down to 19 Hz and produces tight, dynamic bass. Both models feature identical 12-inch drivers and a new amplifier system that can deliver 500-watts continuous and 1150 watts of peak power.

This new series was definitely not something that SVS took lightly in creating — 17 driver prototypes were used, as the team tested and punished and modified drivers until they achieved the optimal performance they were looking for. The final driver received 100 hours of full-power testing to make sure that it could stand up to some serious home theater abuse.
Gary Yacoubian, SVS president, commented, “We are especially proud of this driver, as it is the product of exhaustive design and an incredible number of prototype iterations. The goal was to design a driver that could fully leverage the crushing power of our new amplifier, and change the game at this price point. It took us many months, but we nailed it!”


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