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By Jeremy J. Glowacki September 16, 2014
Last week at CEDIA EXPO, positive energy was clearly in abundance for the first time in many years as integrators road the wave of a rebounding housing market, manufacturers showed more product innovation after banks freed up more development dollars, and Denver served its final year as our favorite EXPO host city. The only “good-news, bad-news” story that I observed during the show involved Control4’s acquisition of software house Extra Vegetables’ and the adverse affect that business deal had on URC dealers.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki  September 03, 2014
When Jeremy Burkhardt returns to CEDIA EXPO next week as co-owner of audio start-up Origin Acoustics, he knows that he will have a lot to prove. During an exclusive interview last month in Austin, TX, the former SpeakerCraft CEO made it clear that he wants the industry to look at Origin Acoustics as a truly innovative audio manufacturer, with products designed from scratch to rethink the old architectural loudspeaker design paradigm. And although physical hardware was not yet ready for display with just over a month to go until CEDIA EXPO, photographs and design drawings hinted at the innovative thinking that has gone into the company’s initial line of 60 products.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki August 05, 2014
I loved the Resi Awards. They were my creation, and I was proud of their cutesy name and the unique focus on industrial design that our CEDIA EXPO product awards competition brought to the custom integration channel.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki June 11, 2014
I get a lot of offers to interview folks after they’ve been hired to a new job. Usually, due to time constraints, I take a pass because the press release already has enough information in it for the time being, and I’ve found that other than making a personal connection with someone new, details about future plans are pretty sketchy.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki April 16, 2014
Burkhardt confirmed that he will be returning to the industry that brought him so much success and as many friends as enemies before his very premature “retirement” in 2012.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki March 24, 2014
Dave Daniels’ mission was to frighten his audience. Not in the way that would send dealer members of the Azione Unlimited buying group screaming out the doors of the Hard Rock Hotel, but just enough to keep them awake at night pondering the future viability of the custom integration business.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki February 03, 2014
Watching the Super Bowl last night was an odd experience for me. For the first time, I watched the big game in someone else’s home theater, and that inspired conversations about shows people had seen about the home theaters of the stars, and articles they’d read about houses with big home theaters. Never before had our business been so front and center in the conversations among friends and neighbors who didn’t at first realize what I wrote about for a living.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki January 09, 2014
HomeTronics is always looking for a competitive advantage. Right on the heels of having its services listed in the prestigious Neiman Marcus Christmas Book for 2013, the veteran custom integration company run by Greg Margolis in Dallas, is putting the finishing touches on what it says is the first residential cinema installation in the U.S to utilize the Auro 3D 13.1 audio system.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki December 19, 2013
Last year, one of CEDIA’s big investments was building a consumer-facing website ( to help drive business to its integrator members through strong SEO and consumer technology education. This week, the trade association re-launched its other website to better support the trade (primarily CEDIA members) with improved online training resources, research, and business tools.
By Jeremy J. Glowacki December 05, 2013
When I talk to someone from an in-wall loudspeaker company about the quality of their products, I generally have to take their word for it that what they’re saying is true about the quality of their products.



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