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By Lindsey Adler August 04, 2014
The legendary home theater designer, often called the father of home theater, recently opened up his Brooklyn home to celebrate his new theater concept, dubbed Roxy 2.0.
By Lindsey Adler July 30, 2014
When it comes to net neutrality, there’s a great deal of intricacies, legal jargon, and biased information propagated from self-interested parties (ISPs, cable companies, their lobbyists, and politicians).
By Lindsey M. Adler July 10, 2014
HRA was on full display during the recent High Resolution Audio Listening Experience in New York. But it still came as a shock for me to hear an engineer say that he thinks analog “sucks.”
By Lindsey Adler January 14, 2014
While the International CES is certainly the place for broad consumer market technology product launches, I find that for the custom installation channel the show is more of a place for our industry to present updates to CEDIA EXPO introductions (I heard a lot of “it’s now shipping” news), present those products to the broader consumer base that attends CES, meet with vendors and other partners, and preview what they’re working on next.
By Lindsey Adler January 14, 2014
Last week at International CES in Las Vegas, after I spent a day soaking up the ultra Hi-Fi sounds wandering between Venetian suites, I wrote about the trend of high-resolution audio files finally marrying quality with convenience.
By Lindsey Adler December 10, 2013
Walk the crowded halls of CEDIA or any other industry trade event, and no one can deny the glaring homogeneity in demographics. A young workforce for the future of AV installation is sorely lacking—bordering on crisis status. It’s quite a mystery how the most digitally engaged generation, growing up surrounded by audio and video technology, seems to have little interest or knowledge about good careers in the AV industry.
By Lindsey Adler September 17, 2013
As one of the most recognizable audio brands to consumers, Bose is hardly a stranger to the custom installation channel, yet this year at CEDIA EXPO is the first time the Massachusetts-based company will be exhibiting on its own-occupying two adjacent high performance audio rooms-after several years completely absent a presence at the show.
By Lindsey Adler September 06, 2013

As usual, CEDIA and EXPO 2013 exhibitors alike do their best to compete for attendees’ post-show attention. Here are some of the after-hours festivities to round out your busy and productive days on the show floor, September 25-28, in Denver.

By Lindsey Adler August 12, 2013
It’s always exciting to get to know a relative newcomer in the industry, as I did while attending the grand opening of BlackWire Designs’ brand new showroom and warehouse, but it was doubly exciting to learn about some different brands targeting our market.
By Lindsey Adler May 02, 2013
NAD’s new product line of digital amplifiers ambitiously targeting both traditional audiophiles and “digital natives” [aka “Millennials” that only know portable, low-quality digital downloads of music] really got me to thinking about the challenges of getting the younger generation to invest in HiFi hardware equipment.


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