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The Gen X Gap in Market Spending

May 09,2016 —Many of you built your businesses to cater to the needs and desires of Boomers. We’re at a critical inflection point now, however, and you n...More

Driving Up a Home's Resale Value

Until now, the only “value” your systems really added to a home’s worth was in the smiles they put on your clients’ faces. Now your hard work has the potential of putting a little money back in their ...

Where Were You When You Learned Crestron Left CEDIA?

CEDIA’s CEO has attempted to turn the conversation away from controversy, emphasizing the association’s solid renewal numbers for exhibitors and refuting Klein’s claims of CEDIA’s exclusionary policy.

Playing CE Powerball at CES

Lately it seems like International CES is like a Powerball lottery, where you’ve got to be in it to win it, but in reality there are very few jackpots.

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Staying in the Green With CEDIA

May 09,2016 —As a business owner maybe you can relate when it comes to staying in the green; it’s not easy.

Running a 21st Century Operation

I’ve heard a handful of businesses in our industry talk about competitors poaching their talent–a situation that leaves owners frustrated, to say the very least.

Custom Career Paths

What did you want to be when you were young? An astronaut? A firefighter? I think it’s safe to say almost no one grew up dreaming of being a custom integrator.

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The Great Equalizer: The Key to an Ideal Listening Environment

May 09,2016 —EQ units increase your sales and your client contentment factor. Don’t let fear or ignorance stand in your way, here.

Picking the Right Speakers

My purpose here is to help you pick speakers that will generally sound better in your installations, and will generate more client satisfaction, with less last-minute futzing by your technicians.

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Sharing Pictures In Style With Meural

April 04,2016 —When I started cyberManor in 1999 as a custom electronic integrator focused on providing home networks for our clients’ homes in the San Fra...More

CES 2016: My Top Seven List

The International Consumer Electronics show held in Las Vegas last month attracted greater than 170,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.

Vital Mgmt to Host Bravas Summit Later This Month

Twenty-one independent custom integration companies from the U.S. and Canada, with a collective revenue eclipsing $70M in 2015, will gather in Dallas, TX, January 27-28, to formulate personalized plan...

Apple TV: Bringing Back Family TV Time

Apple made several important new product announcements at their “Hey Siri” event in September. The most important one affecting home entertainment was the announcement of its latest-generation Apple T...

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Forward-Facing Customer Service

November 30,2015 —Admit that you’re in the service business. Understand service is not the transactional side of your business, but the manner in which you co...More

Is it Time to Rethink the Showroom?

I’ve visited dozens of dealerships that had installed a theater and vignettes in years past, and for the most part, their demo facilities were either hobbled, in disarray, or sheepishly converted into...

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The DaVinci Group: A Better Partner

October 27,2015 —The DaVinci Group has been thinking outside the box when it comes to forming partnerships to distribute its high-end audio products.

CEDIA Tech Teasers

Excitement is building with EXPO 2015 just weeks away, so Residential Systems sat down with several of the industry’s most high-profile manufacturers to find out what they will be showcasing in Dallas...

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Directing Traffic

April 01,2016 —Lean back, close your eyes and let’s take a magical metaphorical journey.

Total Fitness

It’s hard to believe that attending a CEDIA Management Conference a decade ago could have changed my life, but it did.

Overhaul Your Productivity

What happened next was amazing. When everyone entered the meeting room, we found there was no place to sit.

The Science Behind Improving Your Sales

Regardless of whether you’re selling residential entertainment and automation systems or painting a masterpiece, there are scientific techniques that can lead you to artistic results.

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Making Your Sound Hemispherical

February 26,2016 —For a smaller room, a 5.1.2 configuration may be perfect. But a large room may require 24.1.10. The point is that the channels are now there...More

Design to Preserve Your Theater's Image

Aside from the obvious goal of creating an environment that provides entertainment, excitement, and fun, the objective of designing a private theater should be to produce a room that supports the accu...

Educating Clientele on Investing in a Great Theater

In the design and engineering of a private theater, when is it appropriate to take it “to the Nth degree?” This is the question that was recently posed to us by one of our most valued integrator clien...

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Legrand’s Brand Strategy

May 09,2016 —Legrand, known primarily in the custom channel as the parent company a growing list of home integration brands, including Nuvo, On-Q, Middle...More

Selling Service Agreements

The survival of custom integration as a trade might be contingent upon the industry’s evolution into customer-centric service operations with a focus on personalized technology.

Applied Training

Acoustic Architects uses the ESC certification Pre-Test Assessment to screen and evaluate job applicants.

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Distributor Opens in Florida

The AHA team cuts the ribbon on the new facility.

AHA Warehouse

Dealers explore the freshly stocked AHA warehouse

AHA President and GM

Chris Gilray, AHA president, shaking hands with Chad Sharp, the new general manager of the Boynton, Florida facility.

AHA Dealers, Integrators

Dealers and Integrators make inaugural purchases from the newly opened AHA distribution facility.