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CEDIA 2016: A Show of Partnerships

October 03,2016 —CEDIA certainly was all about adding Alexa voice control to custom-centric control systems and once-combative brands playing nice with the n...More

Keeping Up to Date on IoT

I had never met anyone from Cyprus, the tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea tucked below Turkey and above Egypt, where the spoken language is Greek.

CEDIA Gains Momentum

The CEDIA show motto is Think Big. For Vin Bruno, that seems to be a personal mantra, as well.

Alexa, My Weatherbot

My relationship with Alexa is complicated. On the one hand, she’s great at telling me the weather or setting a kitchen timer when I ask her for help, and she’s really responsive when I suggest that sh...

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The Disney Treatment in Client Satisfaction

June 03,2016 —Henry Clifford details some steps your company can take to improve customer satisfaction by following the example of the "Happiest Place on ...More

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The Lost Art of Qualifying

October 03,2016 —Recently, while I was researching the growing sales of analog turntables, vinyl records, and analog two-channel systems, an integrator told ...More

Relationship Building

For our new series of interviews with home technology professionals, Residential Systems reached out to Matt May, president of KMR Audio Visual of Fulshear, TX, to find out about the state of his busi...

Raising Awareness of the Industry

Residential Systems recently reached out to Drew Harber, owner of Harber Home Theater, Norman, OK, ( to find out about the state of his business, which manufacturers he can count on, and...

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Home Theater Yoga Moves

October 03,2016 —So a client comes to you and says, “I love movies from a lot of different eras, but there are so many different picture and sound formats!

Picking the Right Speakers

My purpose here is to help you pick speakers that will generally sound better in your installations, and will generate more client satisfaction, with less last-minute futzing by your technicians.

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The Evolution of Voice Control

July 05,2016 —At the recent May Connections Conference in San Francisco, I listened to Amazon’s David Isbitiski deliver a keynote talk on “Accelerating Sm...More

Sharing Pictures In Style With Meural

When I started cyberManor in 1999 as a custom electronic integrator focused on providing home networks for our clients’ homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was intrigued by the possible integration...

CES 2016: My Top Seven List

The International Consumer Electronics show held in Las Vegas last month attracted greater than 170,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.

Vital Mgmt to Host Bravas Summit Later This Month

Twenty-one independent custom integration companies from the U.S. and Canada, with a collective revenue eclipsing $70M in 2015, will gather in Dallas, TX, January 27-28, to formulate personalized plan...

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Working Deeply

August 29,2016 —I recently finished a book titled Deep Work by Cal Newport.

Forward-Facing Customer Service

Admit that you’re in the service business. Understand service is not the transactional side of your business, but the manner in which you conduct those transactions.

Is it Time to Rethink the Showroom?

I’ve visited dozens of dealerships that had installed a theater and vignettes in years past, and for the most part, their demo facilities were either hobbled, in disarray, or sheepishly converted into...

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James Loudspeaker’s Custom Niche

July 05,2016 —There’s so very little “custom” manufacturing being done in the custom integration business these days that a company like James Loudspeaker...More

CEDIA Tech Teasers

Excitement is building with EXPO 2015 just weeks away, so Residential Systems sat down with several of the industry’s most high-profile manufacturers to find out what they will be showcasing in Dallas...

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Defining Your Brand

July 29,2016 —What is your message? Who do you want to be and why is it important to your audience?

Getting More Clicks With Paid Ads

There are incredibly powerful ways to drive traffic to you–in effect, tilting the internet to your advantage–that are both easy and affordable.

Directing Traffic

Lean back, close your eyes and let’s take a magical metaphorical journey.

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Giving Theaters Luxury Cred

October 03,2016 —Private theater professionals share a singular goal: To have the opportunity to provide our best efforts to as many appreciative clients as ...More

The Need for Transparency

Most of us understand that it is easy to overwhelm clients with too much information. But how do our clients know that we are making the right recommendations if we don’t substantiate them?

Making Your Sound Hemispherical

For a smaller room, a 5.1.2 configuration may be perfect. But a large room may require 24.1.10. The point is that the channels are now there when you need them.

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NAD Electronics With BluOS: A High-Res Reintroduction

July 29,2016 —With the BluOS-equipped NAD line, customers can opt for a professionally installed, rack-based, hardwired audio solution–but with the reassu...More

iPoint Updates Business Management Platform

iPoint, which launched as a grassroots business management software provider for the home technology market in 2013, has updated iPoint Control, its flagship business automation tool, in preparation t...

Legrand’s Brand Strategy

Legrand, known primarily in the custom channel as the parent company a growing list of home integration brands, including Nuvo, On-Q, Middle Atlantic, Vantage, and most recently, Luxul Wireless, has a...

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Are You Ready for Wireless Power?

August 29,2016 —Most long-distance wireless power systems today lose as much as 50 percent of their energy into thin air.

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Properly Valuing Your Services

August 29,2016 —When I owned my integration business, I was regularly asked how competitive my prices were, if my prices were similar to those online, if I ...More

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