AMX Celebrates Anniversary, Ships SP Models

June 12, 2012

AMX, celebrating its 30th year in business this year, began shipping SP models of its Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers on May 31, three weeks ahead of schedule.

 amx Enova DVX-3155HD-SP
The AMX Enova DVX-3155HD-SP All-In-One Presentation Switcher.

“I know I speak for everyone at AMX when I say how grateful we are for our 30 year legacy,” said president and CEO, Rashid Skaf. “Around the world, award-winning AMX products are installed in hundreds of thousands of installations. I am especially proud of the company AMX has become, the innovations we have fostered over the years and want to thank our customers, partners, friends and families for supporting our journey and look forward to what lies ahead in the next 30 years.”

Launched at InfoComm 2011, the Enova DVX-3150HD packs the components of a six-foot AV rack into a 3U chassis . The need for an even wider range of configurations to support many more installation scenarios spurred the design of seven additional models.

The new Enova DVX configurations build on the concept that drove the initial DVX-3150HD. As installation types tend to vary in size and complexity from customer to customer, the new Enova DVX units fill out the product line with models featuring a 2x25w – 8 Ohm amplifier in both 6x3 and 10x4 switcher configurations.

The new SP models are the Enova DVX-2150HD-SP, Enova DVX-2155HD-SP and the Enova DVX-3155HD-SP, plus the original 3150HD-SP. SP models feature a 2x25 watt, 8-Ohm amplifier while the T models, shipping in July, are differentiated by a 70/100V amplifier. The T models include the Enova DVX-2150HD-T, Enova DVX-2155HD-T, Enova DVX-3150HD-T and Enova DVX-3155HD-T.  

“When we talk about the perfect meeting, we are talking about meeting settings where attendees can reliably, easily and consistently use the technology in the room,” said AMX CTO, Robert Noble. “Reports show that meeting room technology glitches waste on average, 31 minutes of time for presenters and attendees. If you dramatically simplify the AV control and distribution system, you dramatically simplify not only its installation, but its use.”

Of the DVX family, the ‘215x’ models have 6 video inputs and 3 video outputs while the ‘315x’ models have 10 video inputs and 4 video outputs. Models with numbers ending with a ‘55’ replace two HDMI inputs found in models ending in ‘50’ and instead include two DXLink twisted pair inputs for integrating remote sources up to 100 meters (330 feet) away. A complete matrix of all our Enova DVX model configurations is available here.

AMX simplifies AV control and distribution by greatly reducing the number of components needed to build a system. By providing installers one component that is an all-inclusive, integrated and optimized system, points of failure are diminished. The Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers combine AV switching, control, audio processing, amplification and category cable distribution in a 3U chassis and can be supported and serviced remotely over an IT infrastructure.

The entire Enova DVX family feature AMX technologies like SmartScale. SmartScale delivers video perfectly scaled for each connected display, eliminating the integration challenges that can occur when sources and displays have different supported resolutions, according to the company. Also onboard is InstaGate Pro, a technology that smartly, and without special tools, addresses key constraints and delays created by HDMI/HDCP.

“This anniversary is especially exciting to all of us as we embark on a new journey with the introduction of the Enova family of products, setting a new standard for performance, affordability and ease of use,” said Rashid Skaf. “As is suggested in the name, Enova is the definition of innovation. Early response from customers has exceeded our expectations and I see this being the flagship line that will catapult us into the next 30 years.”

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