Control4 Adds Panelized Lighting, Wireless Music Bridge, Tune-In Service

January 29, 2013
Control4 took to the international stage at ISE in Amsterdam to introduce several notable new features to its residential and commercial automation systems. 

Starting in Q2 2013, Control4 systems with OS 2.4 will natively include TuneIn, the leading service for listening to music, sports, news and comedy streams from around the world. The company’s new Wireless Music Bridge provides a new way for consumers to connect to and stream music and music services through applications residing on their smart phone, tablet, or computer. And, Control4 is adding new wired keypads with its first panelized lighting solution.

TuneIn provides Control4 customers direct access to more than 70,000 traditional and internet-only radio stations streaming from around the world, as well as millions of on-demand podcasts, concerts, and interviews. Control4's integrated user interface delivers station and show listings, filters available choices based on genre, location, and language, and guides consumers to new online media as well as to the content they already love. The TuneIn feature, which will be available on all Control4 systems running OS 2.4 starting on April 1, 2013, enables every family member to listen to their own personalized Favorites in different zones at the same time.

Utilizing Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth, the new Control4 Wireless Music Bridge enables homeowners and their guests to wirelessly connect to a Control4 system to enjoy all the music stored on or accessed via personal smart phones, tablets, and computers. The Wireless Music Bridge also provides another path for Control4 customers to connect to streaming music services such as Pandora or Spotify on their personal smart devices from a Control4 system, while preserving full phone and smart device browsing and application capability. Additionally, the Wireless Music Bridge delivers available artwork and metadata directly into the Control4 environment for display within the Control4 "Now Playing" interface on touch-panels, TV on-screens and the MyHome app. The Control4 Wireless Music Bridge, which offers support for streaming for iOS devices, as well as Bluetooth and DLNA for other phones and tablets, is scheduled to be available in Q2 2013 for $300 introductory U.S. MSRP and $345 international MSRP from authorized Control4 dealers.

Control4’s new lighting solutions integrate support of new LED and dimmable fluorescent technology to deliver discreet control over residential and commercial lighting systems. The company’s panelized lighting solutions are meant to deliver a lighting infrastructure to environments where standard, in-wall wireless switches and dimmers aren’t ideal due to aesthetic or construction requirements.

The Control4 Wired Keypads are available in Euro-style square (UK) designs with 2-, 3-, and 6-button configurations, and a Decora-style (U.S.) keypad comes with a completely customizable button kit. By ordering a single SKU, dealers will have the ability to pop in keycaps to create multi-button keypads of varying configurations to personalize the functionality and design that best aligns with their customers’ needs.

Both Euro- and Decora–style keypads offer backlit buttons and optional personalized engraving. The Decora version also features light sensors to automatically adjust the keypad backlight and status LED brightness based on the ambient light in the room.

Supporting 110-volt to 277-volt applications, the new Control4 Panelized Lighting solution enables complete, discreet control over whole-home and commercial lighting systems via the new keypads and touch screen interfaces, rather than the traditional collection of electrical load-bearing switches on every wall. The new 8-channel, Control4 Adaptive Phase Dimmer module includes automatic, adaptive phase control technology to support new technologies such as dimmable fluorescent, CFLs, and LED sources as well as legacy light sources such as incandescent, halogen, and low voltage.

Control4 Certified Dealers will be able to create lighting scenes and programs, as well as configure network settings and load profiles for panelized lighting installations using the Control4’s Composer Pro software. Dealers will have access to programming capabilities within Composer Pro for advanced lighting scene ramping, fading, and delays, and scene management. 

The Control4 Panelized Lighting solution product line includes a Control4 8-Channel Relay Module, Control4 8-Channel Dimmer Module
, Control4 8-Channel 0-10V Dimmer Module, Control4 8-Port Ethernet Switch Module, Control4 Bus Ethernet Gateway
, Control4 Bus Power Supply, Control4 2-Slot Panel, Control4 5-Slot Panel, and Control4 Terminal Blocks.

The Panels and Terminal Blocks for the Panelized Lighting solution will be available for order immediately, with Modules and Keypads available in Q2 2013. 

For Lindsey Adler's coverage of Control4's panelized lighting solution and Tandberg integration, click here.

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