ISE Expands Exhibition Footprint for 2013

March 14, 2012

In response to higher-than-expected demand from its exhibitor community, ISE announced the addition of further space to the footprint of ISE 2013.

Following a rebooking process that has resulted in more space than ever being reserved for the next Integrated Systems Europe, the show’s organizers have decided to make a part of Hall 8 of the Amsterdam RAI available to both new and existing exhibitors.
“This is not a decision we have taken lightly,” said Mike Blackman, managing director, ISE. “However, the response from exhibitors to our 2012 show has been overwhelmingly positive and, in the end, we felt we had no option but to expand our footprint for 2013.
“This extra space will allow us to accommodate those 2012 exhibitors who have not yet rebooked for next year, as well as new companies who want to bring their products and services to our audience of 40,000-plus electronic systems professionals for the first time.”
During ISE 2012, at-show rebooking for 2013 resulted in 28,300 net square metres of floor space being reserved by existing ISE exhibitors. Since then, further bookings have taken that figure to almost 31,000 square metres – more than the total occupied at ISE 2012, and 9 percent ahead of the booking rate at the comparable time last year.
“Without the addition of Hall 8, we would now have only 1,500 net square metres still available,” said Blackman. “And, since a large number of companies have enlarged their stands from ISE 2012, there is still around 5,000 square metres’ worth of space that has not been rebooked from this year’s show. We simply had to find some extra legroom from somewhere.”
ISE intends to use Hall 8 for a mixture of technologies, with digital signage being the most immediate beneficiary. The layout of the RAI allows the show to expand its Digital Signage Area from Halls 9 and 10 (which are now sold out) while retaining a single, contiguous space for this in-demand technology. Other product areas to be featured in the Hall will be professional audio, lighting control and building automation.
From a show experience perspective, the new space will also bring benefits, allowing ISE to open up a key walkway between Halls 7 and 8, easing traffic congestion at the front of the venue and encouraging attendees to take a rotational route around the whole of the RAI, which has not been possible until now.
“These are really inspiring times to be associated with ISE," Blackman said. "Those with long memories will recall that Hall 8 was the part of the RAI we used when our event first came to Amsterdam in 2005, so this addition has great symbolic resonance for a show that grown substantially and consistently in stature and influence since then.
“We look forward to taking bookings from companies keen to occupy this new space, and feel sure that exhibitors will appreciate we are doing everything we can to accommodate their requirements.”

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