Legrand Adds Coax and Powerline Networking Solutions

January 25, 2013
Legrand is now offering an expanded selection of comprehensive networking products—including MoCA (Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance) and powerline network products—now available for order.

Legrand's four port coax network adapter.

These new adapters are designed for retrofit situations where coaxial cable is in place for cable TV distribution. Legrand’s new coax network products enable integrators to tap into that wiring system to deliver a secure and speedy home network. MoCA technology is ideal for streaming HD content at up to 170Mbps without interfering with cable and broadcast TV signals, the company says.

At the top of Legrand’s coax network lineup is the Four-Port Coax Network Adapter, which attaches to any coax connector to deliver a MoCA 1.1-compliant high-speed network connection to as many as four networked devices, including Internet-capable TVs, Blu-ray players, computers, set-top boxes, and gaming systems from one coax cable.

For retrofit situations where network distribution over the home’s electrical lines is a more workable solution, Legrand is now shipping a new Four-Port Powerline Network Adapter. It’s designed to quickly and easily plug into any outlet in the home and deliver a high-speed 500mbps Internet connection to as many as four devices—including Internet-capable TVs, Blu-ray players, computers, set-top boxes, and gaming systems—from one power line. Two adapters create a network, and additional adapters can be added to expand the network anywhere in the home. The company will fill out the line with a Single Port Powerline Adapter, releasing Q2 2013.

“Our new networking adapters received a fantastic response at CEDIA 2012," said Fritz Werder, vice president and brand general manager for On-Q. "Our customers need networking solutions that efficiently and reliably tap into the existing wiring of most modern homes. Not every home—or even every room in the home—lends itself to Cat 5 or Cat 6 wired or wireless data distribution, and it’s our job to continually design cutting-edge solutions for every residence.”

Also new to the mix are a Coax Network Signal Blocker that ensures the integrity of a coax network by isolating the signal inside the home; the Single-Port Digital Cable Amplifier with Coax Network Support, which boosts RF signal strength to support a strong video signal throughout the system; and three Digital Cable Splitters with Coax Network Support, all of which provide 6kV surge protection on all ports. Each of these models exceed the performance standards set by major cable providers, and are fully compatible with existing and future networks such as MoCA, VoIP, and DOCSIS 3.0. Those three splitters are the Two-Way Digital Cable Splitter with Coax Network Support, Three-Way Digital Cable Splitter with Coax Network Support, and Four-Way Digital Cable Splitter with Coax Network Support.

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