NuBryte Lights Up the Middle Market

September 8, 2017

Steven Gutteridge, president and founder, NuBryte

Bridging the gap between DIY and high-end control systems, Silicon Valley startup NuBryte Pro wants to be the all-in-one control switch that plays nice with everybody. Appearing for the second time at CEDIA this year, the firm announced full integration of its Touchpoint control panel with Crestron, Control4, URC.

When formed in 2014 the company envisioned a way of pulling together disparate consumer products, such as Nest, Google Home and Alexa. It has since refined its middle-of-the-road strategy to be a friend to the dealer and DIY-er alike, integrating individual IoT devices, a range of streaming services, and traditional home automation systems alike. The standard Touchpoint panel installs by simply replacing a light switch using the same wiring scheme. Repeated throughout the home, this produces a WAN mesh network of automated lighting and motion-sensor-based security.

“We’re looking to open up the middle market,” explained NuBryte President/Co-founder Steven Gutteridge.

Offered exclusively through authorized dealers, the NuBryte system is designed to be installable by anyone with the ability to replace a light switch and hook up the standard wiring, while providing enough depth for end-users to see the value of professional installation. A single Touchpoint panel can be installed and programmed onsite in a matter of minutes, but a full system could take several hours to properly install. “Most people could install one panel in about 15 minutes,” said Gutteride. “A pro could probably do it in about 10.”

Gutteridge went on to explain how NuBryte’s plans to scale take the dealer into account as well. A line of wireless passive and active speakers, along with a subwoofer and amp receiver, are already available for the dealer to upsell, either initially, or once the end-user has become comfortable with the base system. The company has further plans for other B2C accessories as well, such as an IP camera planned to release in March of next year.

“We’re looking to open up the middle market."—Steven Gutteridge, president and founder, NuBryte


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