SnapAV and BenQ Form Partnership

Protected Line of True 4K and 1080p Projectors Available on March 14, 2017
Why This Matters

BenQ’s projectors—from HD 1080p, up to true 4K at over 8.3 million pixels—are now available on the user-friendly SnapAV website.

As part of its commitment to affiliate partners and offering a “one-stop shop” for customers, SnapAV has formed a new partnership with BenQ, the manufacturer of professional-grade projectors.
“We’ve been looking forward to this deal for a long time,” said Andras Balassy, SnapAV product manager of distributed products. “This was about finding the right partner—someone who offers the performance, product quality, and profit margin our installers need. Although BenQ’s been known in the past as a consumer-oriented brand, that’s only a small part of what they bring to the table.” 

Balassy is equally excited about the protected line SnapAV will offer its customers. “BenQ’s Integrators’ Choice projectors are built for installers—and not only that, due to diligent quality testing and certifications, they surpass the image quality of a lot of big names. From a competitive standpoint, nobody else even came close.”

Over the years, BenQ’s products have been developed using extensive market research and manufacturing expertise, and are designed to fit end users’ ever-changing needs in home theaters, in commercial or conference settings, and in pro AV or large-venue installations. Its projectors offer everything from HD 1080p all the way up to true 4K at over 8.3 million pixels; popular models range anywhere from 2,000 to 8,000 Lumens and deliver powerful contrast and image resolution. Two new models are THX certified for increased cinematic clarity and picture quality. All of BenQ’s Colorific projectors pair perfectly with SnapAV’s new Dragonfly Ultra series filmscreens, which are optimized for both True 4K and 1080p systems.

BenQ’s director of North American sales, Russell Barefield, is excited about the benefits this partnership will offer professional integrators. “Our new partnership with SnapAV makes sense on a variety of levels,” he said. “Installers will get the premium projectors they need from a single source, while enjoying excellent technical and customer support along every step of the way. We’re happy to provide SnapAV integrators and their customers with equipment that can bring enjoyment and quality to life for many years to come.”

“Installers will get the premium projectors they need from a single source, while enjoying excellent technical and customer support along every step of the way.”—Russell Barefield, director of North American sales, BenQ


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