Azione Heads to Austin for Fall Conference

By RS Staff April 23,2014

If you like music festivals and are a member of the Azione Unlimited (AU) education/buying group for custom retailers and integrators, then chances are you’ll be headed to Austin, TX, this fall.
 Azione Unlimited Fall 2014

Azione Unlimited founder and president Richard Glikes confirmed the location and dates of the group’s fall conference, titled “The Arrant Affair in Austin,” as October 8-10. The event will dovetail with the beginning of Austin City Limits, a citywide music festival.

The conference is free to dealer and vendor members including lodging and meals. The meeting will feature guest speakers, a series of 10 one-on-one meetings between dealers and vendors, roundtable discussions centered around steps to facilitating operational excellence, and incisive open discussions.

The evenings will end with Azione’s traditional off-site dinners in environments conducive to building friendships and having fun. Azione Unlimited has booked Buffalo Billiards for the first night’s dinner. Teams made up of dealers and vendors will participate in a pool tournament while enjoying Texas barbecue. The following night members will dine at historic Maggie Mae’s where live music will surround the group with festive cords.

“Our event logo tells the story,” Glikes stated. “Build a team, share ideas, develop partnerships, make friends, and have fun… that’s what we do! Everyone loved our Las Vegas conference last month and this one will be even better.”

Visit, for a new three-minute YouTube video featuring highlights from the Azione Spring Conference in Las Vegas.


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