Antelope Unveils Rubicon AD-DA Preamp

By RS Staff April 24,2012

Antelope Audio has introduced Rubicon, a 384 kHz digital audio preamplifier which integrates the 10M Rubidium atomic clock.
 antelope audio rubicon

The new device will be presented to the public during the Munich High End Show, May 3 - 6.

Rubicon integrates a Rubidium atomic clock, which is 100,000 times more stable than a traditional crystal oscillator, according to the company. Coupled with Antelope’s 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology, the Rubidium improves jitter management and sound quality. The same technology is implemented in the company’s flagship master clocks used for scoring blockbusters such as Avatar.

“I find the idea of an audio enthusiast being able to hear his/her favorite recordings clocked by the world’s most stable clock very exciting," said Igor Levin, CEO and founder of Antelope Audio. "I believe this will bring the music appreciation in the home environment to a completely new level compared only to the precision and sonic detail representation available at the finest professional listening rooms."

Housed in a machined-aluminum enclosure with a vintage Art Deco design, Rubicon incorporates a discrete phono preamp, ultra linear, dual stage headphone drivers and Antelope’s gold-plated relay volume control. Rubicon also features a transformer-based, ultra-low noise, discrete JFET phono preamp, ideal for vinyl lovers. In addition to the 384 kHz DAC, Rubicon includes ultra-high sample rate A/D conversion.

In addition to the 384 kHz USB streaming, Rubicon offers extended flexibility and smooth user experience provided by the implemented DLNA capability. The DLNA streaming gives users the opportunity to wirelessly push audio files from their smart phone, PC or NAS (Network-attached storage) server and play the content through the high-sample rate DAC.

Rubicon inherits the D/A conversion technology from 384 kHz Zodiac Gold DAC. The A/D circuit comes from the professional mastering converter Eclipse 384.

Antelope Audio plans to present the Rubicon for the first time to the public and the media during the Munich High End Show, in hall 3, booth A 04, at 2 pm, on May 3.


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