CEDIA EXPO Opens to Radiating Energy

By Lindsey Adler September 9,2011

CEDIA EXPO 2011 officially opened its doors yesterday in a return to Indianapolis, and the impressions from the show floor were favorable and enthusiastic.

As music and video demos battled each other from every direction, dealers and integrators were on the prowl for the latest and greatest as sales reps surveyed the competition.

“From CEDIA’s perspective I think the show has started up really well,” says Randy Stearns, chairman of CEDIA. “There seems to be really good energy and a lot of smiles. I think it is a great opportunity for people to gather and reconnect after a tough couple of years.”

More and more wireless products had a heavy booth showing, as well as mobile applications for Apple and Android devices. If the app wasn’t ready for the show, manufacturers were eager to discuss how soon they would be available.

Many attendees were pumped about 4K projection, between JVC and Sony, making 3D suddenly seem passé. The biggest indicator of this enthusiasm was the line wrapping around the corner at Sony’s booth for a chance to demo the ultra high picture quality. Once again the home market is mirroring the commercial market as it did from widescreen and 3D, now that commercial cinema is moving to digital projection with 4K.

Education has had a very strong showing Stearns points out, with a large percentage of the classes sold out and having standing-room-only space. “The people I’ve talked to that have taken the classes have been very happy with the quality of the education,” he says.

Attendance seemed to have built up over the course of the day. Stearns says manufacturers he spoke with were generally happy with the interest level from attendees.

“I think one of the beauties of this show is that there’s so much passion in this industry,” Stearns comments. “It tends to be a highly energetic show compared to others.”


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