ELAN Reveals New g!Tools Software

By RS Staff April 18,2012

ELAN Home Systems has introduced g!Tools, a new software program that provides dealers with a tool for simplifying ELAN g! system installation and management by organizing all system documents, firmware, installation guides and support software in one place.

 elan gtools

In addition, g!Tools allows dealers to store and share one-way IR and serial drivers and also provides a dashboard screen for ELAN dealers to view, monitor and launch into every g! system they manage from one location, whether on the PC at their office or on a job site. This feature allows ELAN dealers to quickly check on multiple g! systems and offers the best access for managing and updating systems, as well as providing on-demand assistance to end users.

According to ELAN product manager and business development director Joe Lautner, “The two groups most responsible for ELAN’s continued success are our dealers and end users. With the addition of g!Tools, we’ve made installation faster and simpler for our dealers and all but eliminated house calls by giving them an easy way to implement any changes the end user wants to make, no matter if the dealer is on the road or at the office.”

ELAN g!Tools provides dealers with a single consistent interface to perform what is required for installation and support of an ELAN system, and pulls together many of the current g! software tools including:

• g!Connect Pro – To log into systems
• Key Manager - To license apps
• Firmware Updater - To manage upgrading firmware for all ELAN hardware products
• IR/Serial Driver Library – To manage and share one-way IR and serial drivers
• Document Manager - To keep all documents updated and on the PC for easy access on the jobsite
• Language Editor - To manage and edit translations
• Network Manager - To scan the local network directly for other controllers and IP devices, eliminating the need for a separate port scanner

The new My Systems View allows dealers to more easily organize and manage multiple systems and provides data such as firmware version and IP address.

ELAN also announced the introduction of its ELAN g!Mobile 5.5 Software, now available on the iTunes App Store. 5.5 adds support for the g! irrigation and messaging apps and makes the g!Mobile iOS interface nearly identical to that of the ELAN TS touch screens. Additional features new to the g!Mobile app include support for managing two displays in one zone and control for a home bar with multiple displays.
“ELAN g! now features the most consistent user interface of any entertainment and control system in the world,” said Lautner. “That means our end users don’t need to be familiar with more than one interface layout, and it virtually eliminates any learning curve when first living with a g! system. Managing an entertainment and control system should be easy for both the dealer and the end user, and that’s what ELAN g! is all about.”
ELAN has also updated the software for its HR2 handheld remote to provide control for two displays in one zone.


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    Can not see g!mobile 5.5 in app store. What happened?

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