NuVo Audio Players Expanded for Wired and Wireless Integration

By Lindsey Adler February 18,2014

NuVo’s audio systems have been expanded to operate over both Wi-Fi and wired networks in any combination up to 16 zones.

The move intends to broaden parent company Legrand’s focus on network technology as the foundation for the digital home.

“[The system] gives installers total flexibility when configuring multi-source, multi-zone installations, marrying the best of digital streaming audio and personal library access on a technology platform that’s the same whether it’s connected with category cabling or Wi-Fi,” said Desirée Webster, Legrand’s marketing communications manager for NuVo and On-Q product lines. “Our rack-mounted multi-zone players are unique in offering the source variety of network-connected devices and the connectivity and expansion options with wireless zones.”

The system has also been opened up for better third party control system integration with new drivers, including Vantage, Crestron, AMX, Control4, RTI, and BitWise.


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    I'm liking this product line more and more. Just completed an eleven zone hybrid system with 3 P3100's and 2 P100's.

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    Dear Anonymous installer, I'm Torin Roher and I represent NuVo. I was hoping you could contact me regarding your eleven zone installation, as it might make for a tremendous installation story for Residential Systems magazine. Please contact me at or 971-266-8870. Thanks

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