Solar Power Brand, NewPower, Launched by AV Veteran

By Jeremy J. Glowacki January 16,2013

AV industry veteran Bob Rapoport believes that selling and installing solar power systems is the next frontier for the custom integration channel. NewPower, his new solar power system company that was unveiled at CES last week, offers a triple-redundant design that, company CEO Rapoport says, assures homeowners that they will never lose power again. NewPower

NewPower’s Hybrid Solar Power System includes 4,500 watts of solar power generation, backed up by 8,000 watts of battery power, which is backed up again by an 8,000-watt stand-by generator.

“Nothing is more ‘in-demand’ than electricity, just try living without it. All the other stuff our channel sells is meaningless without power,” Rapoport stated. “With solar having only two-percent market penetration, it was clear to me that something was wrong, the solar resellers out there today are electricians with some kind of agenda, environmentalists touting climate change as the primary thing to consider as they sell consumers twice as much as they need at exorbitant prices. Deal killer prices.”

As Superstorm Sandy clearly demonstrated, losing power from extreme weather events is much more common now, and that’s all the reason anybody needs, Rapoport added.

When Rapoport, who also serves as CEO of sales and marketing consultancy TRG Marketing, looked into solar power systems for himself, none of them had what he wanted to buy. “I had to design my own, from only the best components, all made in the USA. It’s a triple redundant design, using solar during the day, with a big battery UPS back up,” he said.

St. Petersburg, Florida-based NewPower sells its system, which has already begun shipping, for $29,995.95. Rapoport pointed out, however, that IRS is offering a 30-percent Federal Income Tax Credit for residential solar systems through 2016 and local power company cash rebates of between $2 and $4 per watt create the right incentive for consumers to make 2013 their year to go solar. The net cost of this system is $12,000, which is a 60-percent savings, he said.

As for custom integrators, Rapoport said that he’ll put a system together that CIs can sell, at his dealer cost plus five percent. “They can make 25-percent plus the labor,” he noted.

How the System Works
Rapoport said that with NewPower, 4,500 watts of solar power is generated when the sun is shining, an average of six to eight hours per day, over-riding the grid and enough power to run “the vast majority of homes.” After charging the batteries, excess power is sold back to the power company, reducing the annual power bill by 50-70 percent, he added. The grid is the first back-up during the day or night but if it goes down, the battery system then instantly transfers over and “light bulbs don’t even flicker.” During long disruptions, the generator keeps the batteries charged. As soon as the sun comes up or the grid is restored, the battery system goes to into recharge mode.

“As far as I know, NewPower is the only source for this complete system turn-key, ready to be installed,” Rapoport added. “We survey the job-site using Google Earth and tell the homeowner where to put the panels, in most cases on the poles that are customized in height for each project to make sure they get all the sunlight available. Rooftop mounting is also available but pole mounting allows the panels to be adjusted for the best angle to the sun in the summer and winter.”

The sleek black solar panels have a thick glass overlay to concentrate and focus the sun’s energy for increased efficiency and they are guaranteed for 25 linear years, Rapoport said. The battery system will last seven to 10 years in normal use and the latest Generac generator is designed for “grid-interactive” systems with battery back-up.

The battery system also can be tasked to operate just the audio-video computer circuits at night, delivering the cleanest off-grid power to sensitive electronics. “It’s the ultimate power supply for a home theater,” Rapoport said.

No Need to Stock Systems
The system is shipped directly to the job site, so integrators don’t have to stock anything. It comes pre-wired and tested. The system is in stock and ready to ship, running about two weeks backordered at the moment, according to Rapoport, but usually one week for delivery.

“I will teach installers how to sell it and install it by Skype, [but] it’s not rocket science,” Rapoport concluded. “It’s a dynamic moment for the solar power industry to take off and for CEDIA members to be a part of it. Many of them started selling generators this year; adding solar and battery storage is the logical next step.”

Interested parties should visit NewPower on the web or contact Bob Rapoport at 727.866.9767 or


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    It's about time somebody with some skills and expertise put together a package such as this! This seems like an easy sell to my mid-high level residential customers, and an excellent opportunity to make a profit off of something with a growing demand. The fact that the system alone will pay for itself within ~5 years is a big plus, and the triple-redundancy feature is a very well thought out component that I have never seen used in an application like this before, it looks like the generator is running on natural gas as well I take it? I really hope that this takes off. -John W. (Idaho)

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    Thanks John, can I use that first sentence in my testimonials please? Yes, gen runs on natural gas if service is available, its underground and has an endless supply, and does not rely on electricity per se to get from the well head to the property. Sooner or later somebody would have thought of this, it figures it would take an old audiophile huh? Your "aha" moment was shared with a bunch of other people in the industry, we are cranking this up now so get in touch, I will set you up, Bob R.

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    I've been working on a similar idea out here in California. Your concept and approach are dead on!

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    For me this is simply an erengemcy backup unit. I have 2 complete units right now and as we know during and after some storms there are power outages. With these 2 units I can power up 2 large fans, a tv, radio, 3 lights, and my energy efficient dorm frig. So as for the small luxuries to keep you comfortable I'm ok in that area. Lol. These units are simple, easy and affordable and most importantly they are useful. There's nothing like being in a hot, dark house after a storm. Smh

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    Thanks for the info. The wheels are used for the batetry box not the panel stand as it would be hard to move around over dirt and grass. Also, in the end of the video I did say I purchased a second set of panels. However by now I've purchased a third set. This unit will only be used for emergencies not to power my entire home, I have 2 gennies for this. So I think 3 sets will be ok for now. Thanks for viewing and for commenting.

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