Savant Systems Savant Select Remote

By Dave Bussen January 9,2012

Dave Bussen
Director of Sales & Marketing
Electronic Environments, New York, NY
 savant media

A live sound engineer who morphed into an integrator of commercial and AV installations, Dave Bussen has been in the industry for 24 years. In his current role, he is devoted to business development as well as manages the sales department and oversees system design. He has been a Savant Systems dealer for five years.

How do you rate the Select Remote?
On a 1-10 rating I’d say the Savant Select is an 11. Everyone from eight to 80 years old knows what an iPod touch is. Savant has blended an iPod Touch with those few important hard buttons that make it feel like the remote to your cable box—this product is 1000 times better than competitive products.  

For what types of installations is it best suited?
We like to give the customer a Savant Select for every room that has speakers and a TV in it. The Savant Select is competitively priced with other universal remotes — it is good for single-room installations on up to large systems. It can be easily expanded and can gracefully handle things like window shade integration.    

What is one feature of the Select Remote that stands out in your projects?
I love how the Savant Select integrates modern aesthetics and design with the hard buttons customers need. It blends the technology of an iPod touch all within a package that looks at home sitting on a coffee table in a $5-million apartment.  

What features would you like to see changed or added?
I would love if the Savant Select could make and receive phone calls — if we could use this device as a wireless phone, it would be awesome.
A footnote from Savant: Adding telephony to the Savant Select is an upcoming future product enhancement we are working on.


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    As Apple products have permeated society, so has the use and special features of those devices. Savant is taking this a step further by integrating their devices directly into their home automation units. The Savant Select’s integration with iOS means users have an inherent ability to use their technology and according to Savant’s Jim Carroll, “You can walk into someone’s home and just know how to use our devices.” In fact, the full home automation system can be controlled from an iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad Additionally, you can control your whole home from anywhere you have a signal with your iPhone, and when you’re inside you can use the Savant Select remote (with an iPod Touch) to control everything. The example given by Mr. Carroll was, “I can sit on my back patio and listen to the Red Sox game playing in the media room,” with their press materials describing it further, saying, “the two-way communication provided by the Savant Select includes audio and video, media, lighting here at , security, network cameras, climate control, gate access and more.”

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    When I saw this at CEDIA, I was fully prepared to hear the buttons "click" when I pushed them. It felt like my grandfather’s Zenith remote with an iPhone Velcroed to it. An 11? Wow is all I can say.

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    That's really thikinng out of the box. Thanks!

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    This is not a remote, it is a piece of plastic that holds an iPod touch. It is a two hander that is extremely top heavy. What is a good remote? One that feels good in hand, it is lightweight, it has hard buttons and does not distract the eye of the user from where they should be focused (the TV). Savant really missed the mark on this "iPod" cradle.

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    Syncomation is a Savant dealer in Atlanta. We install and program Savant systems for residential or commercial applications in Atlanta. Check us out

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