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Some Light on the Subject

By Jeremy J. Glowacki May 7,2012

CYRON Sees Whole-House Potential for LED Lighting Products

Shell Reinish, VP of sales, CYRON

CYRON, a Chatsworth, CA, company with more than 20 years of experience in semiconductors, design, manufacturing, and distribution, now manufactures and distributes solid-state lighting products for use in consumer, industrial, commercial, residential, and OEM applications. For the residential AV integration industry, the company’s offerings take the form of LED accent, mood, and task lighting for both indoor and outdoor settings. Residential Systems wanted to learn more about this relatively new name to the custom installation channel, so we asked VP of sales Shell Reinish to answer our questions.

Could you provide a little background on the company and talk about what other channels it has been involved in?

CYRON, with over 45 years shared experience in LED electronics, has made a solid penetration in the residential, commercial, and automotive LED lighting market. Our on-going participation in the CEDIA has brought CYRON credibility across the electronics industry. Following this success, for the past eight years our design team has made a solid commitment to bring “state of the art” low-voltage lighting technology to an energy-wise consuming public. By working closely with custom integrators we have educated them by example to maximize their profits in areas that have been reserved for licensed electricians.

How has evolution of LED lighting in recent years influenced the channels to which your company can now sell?

CYRON has a full spectrum of professional LED lighting systems, bulbs, and accessories for residential, commercial, and automotive industries. Our applications include accent, mood, and task lighting for both indoor and outdoor settings. Today there are LED lights and multi-color ribbons being used in a wide variety of applications for home theater, living areas, retail stores for both product displays, and window treatment. As we look around we see lighting applications in the home and industrial world that were not possible a few years ago. CYRON has LED lighting systems to satisfy every need and design criteria. By applying today’s technology to the ever-expanding need to reduce heat, reduce UV damage, and save energy we have achieved a quality of lighting never even imagined before. CYRON designs any lighting job that either is or should be applying today’s LED technology.

For a custom integrator with limited experience in lighting design and installation, what sort of training would you recommend before they start selling your products?

What we always tell our new dealer/integrators that come on board is buy a roll of HTPR-RL multi-color ribbon, an HTW1000 IR controller, and a PS50 power supply. We offer various packages for the installer to work hands-on, at a very reasonable cost, to get familiar with the products. CYRON’s tech support staff will be available for any questions that arise. In most cases, after one or two installations, a smart integrator can see how all the elements fit together for some very dramatic results. Many times what starts as a simple theater installation will lead to a whole-house lighting make over.

What sorts of residential applications to do you think Cyron is most well suited?

As we look around there is lighting everywhere but it starts with some accent or cove lighting. That looks so good and the prices were not as bad as the homeowner might think. In the residential environment people realize the potential of solidstate lighting over conventional lights, and they almost sell themselves. The custom integrator needs to leave the idea that he is the lighting expert. He will be the person they call for that help. With a little imagination your client can have skylights that are always daylight blue sky, night or day. They can have a wall that can instantly change colors to match the wife’s dress or shoes at the touch of a button or voice command.

Why does adding a lighting design service make good business sense for a traditional home electronics integrator?

CYRON has just released for production the HTW1010 controller, which is able to control more LEDs on a ribbon. Pictured is the HTW1000.

The customer integrator is in the home selling a technical product that involves light and sound already–automated systems that control the HVAC, phone, curtain, drapes, multi-room music. They are controlling in many cases the lights, so why are they not selling the lights as well? They leave it for the electrician, but why? They are system integrators. They can offer their customers one source of responsibility as well as an overall great price for a total in home, green-friendly upgrade to go with their solar or wind generator.

What is the company’s newest product and what are you working on next?

CYRON has just released for production the HTW1010 controller, which is able to control more LEDs on a ribbon. This will make the use of double- and quad-density lighting very easy to control. As a custom lighting company that works with many OEM customers, our next great product comes from our dealers. Maybe sending lighting bolts across the ceiling of a casino, maybe lighting a display at a science museum or changing the color of a wall at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.