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Metra Showcases Ethereal HD Program at CES

By RS Staff January 4,2013

Metra Home Theater Group will showcase its new Ethereal High Definition (EHD) Program at CES 2013, held January 8-11 in Las Vegas.
The Metra Home Theater Group EHD program is a unique, specialized line of high performance products, including digital cables and in-depth training that meets the demands of today's complex, high speed digital electronic system installations.
"As attendees to CES 2013 will see first-hand, our specialized line of EHD products are engineered to provide professional integrators with the highest level of performance and reliability," said Jessy Crabb, general manager for Metra Home Theater Group. "We have seen how the rapid advancement of high speed digital applications has presented the industry with challenges and we realized the need for unique and application-specific products. The EHD program addresses that need and offers the professional integrator quality engineered products and services to assist with these complex installations."

Metra Home Theater Group’s new EHD High Speed Digital Cable products incorporate the latest in silicon and new design techniques. In addition, these new products have specially-built data accelerators that keep both EDID and HDCP operating at high performance levels. Metra Home Theater Group’s new EHD cable products are powered from within the interface, eliminating any external power devices that products with these types of dynamics usually would require.
The outside diameter of these cables has been reduced to 3mm for the 1-, 2-, and 3-meter cables and 4mm for the 4-, 5-, and 6-meter cables. Another benefit of this new design is the drastic reduction in the cable’s weight to mere ounces, thus making installation even easier. Metra Home Theater Group is also introducing longer 8 to 25 meter lengths using the same type of engineering principles at CES 2013.
Additionally, Metra Home Theater Group has teamed up with DPL Labs, an independent HDMI product testing and performance rating company, to offer an educational training program. The EHD University which will be held at DPL's advanced facility will include hands-on training for and about HDMI troubleshooting applications using existing products that integrators use every day in the field. The EHD University training program is only offered to qualifying EHD dealers.
Metra Home Theater Group will showcase the Ethereal High Definition Program at CES 2013 at the company's official booth, #13427.