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Security Networks Adopts Honeywell LYNX

By RS Staff February 6,2013

Security Networks’ 240-plus affiliates can now offer Wi-Fi monitoring on Honeywell’s recently released LYNX Touch 5100 self-contained security system, which provides Wi-Fi alarm communications.
Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 security
Wi-Fi will make installation more economical and easier for the affiliates, according to Security Network’s vice president of operations, Kurt Becker. Because Wi-Fi reduces installation times and upfront equipment costs compared to similarly equipped GSM systems, affiliates will be able to complete more installations and increase their revenue. The new Honeywell Wi-Fi technology also meets the growing needs of increasingly sophisticated consumers, according to the company, which affects sales and retention.

“Today’s world is digital and end-users expect more from their security systems,” Becker said. "By offering a Wi-Fi based system, Security Networks is on the cutting edge of security technology and it gives our affiliates an easier way to make sure the systems they provide meet our customers’ high expectations."
Wi-Fi enables affiliates to offer Honeywell Total Connect remote services that allow homeowners to manage their security systems using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

“The LYNX Touch 5100 mobile app works fast, offering a vivid, clear touch screen display, and is an industry first to use a tablet as a secondary keypad. With this enhanced technology, Security Networks is paving the way for affiliates to see an increase in profits,” said Gary Franklyn, Security Networks’ vice president of business development.

In addition to security, the LYNX Touch 5100 allows homeowners to control other home systems such as thermostats, lighting and door locks, which can help save money on energy bills and increase peace of mind and personal security. These advanced services are less expensive on a monthly basis when using the Internet as a communications path, versus a standard GSM installation.

“This is the type of technology that can truly change the industry because it not only provides security but also enhances lifestyles, and that means enhanced customer loyalty for Security Networks and our affiliates,” Franklyn said.

“Honeywell has proven a valued, progressive supplier of technology to meet changing needs of the security industry. They’re very responsive to market demand and expectations. Wi-Fi communications represents one of the biggest alarm industry advancements in a decade," added Becker.