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Rotel Introduces Multichannel Audio Power Amplifier

By RS Staff April 29,2013

Rotel Electronics, manufacturer of audio and video components, has introduced the new RMB-1555 Multichannel Power Amplifier that incorporates the company’s Balanced Design Concept for accurate and enjoyable music production. Rotel RMB-1555 Multichannel Power Amplifier

The RMB-1555 multichannel power amplifier, whether used in a powerhouse home theater system as a distribution amplifier for several independent zones in your home, or as the foundation of a flexible multichannel music system, fulfills the promise of Rotel’s heritage, the company says.

Power output is conservatively rated at 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms and this is with all channels driven to full output.

Its capability comes from a stable power supply based on a Rotel designed and Rotel built toroidal transformer that provides precise voltages at high current to subsequent circuit stages. In addition, the toroid shape itself reduces stray emissions that might otherwise interfere with signal transfer.

Other internal components are sourced from Rotel’s global supply network only after detailed examination and exhaustive listening tests.

The RMB-1555 uses only discrete output transistors with their higher thermal stability and freedom from the designed-in compromises that characterize their integrated circuit cousins. The Class AB amplifier configuration assures the best balance between power output and thermal efficiency for exceptional MTBF (mean time between failure).

Heavy-duty speaker terminals complement the RMB-1555’s 12-volt remote control trigger, single-ended RCA inputs, and detachable IEC-type AC cord. The RM-1555 also self protects from over current, over temperature and DC voltage.