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URC Reveals CC Control Mobile App for Android Devices

By RS Staff September 16,2013

URC has introduced its CC Control Mobile App for Android. As the name implies, this app enables a familiar Android smart phone or tablet to control all AV components that are connected to a Complete Control system and MRX Network Base Station directly over the LAN.
URC CC Control Mobile App
Aided by intuitive interfaces that can display in portrait or landscape format, users can do everything from setting a DVR and navigating favorite channels to controlling music and videos. Users can control any IR, RS-232, IP or Relay controlled device one-way through the connected URC MRX Base Station. Adding an optional RFTX-1 enables the control of URC Lighting by Lutron. This app works in conjunction with the MRX-1/MRX-2 Network Base Station and Complete Control MX-Series remotes.

“By adding a powerful new Android app to our respected CCP stable we have significantly expanded the assortment of control interfaces and price point options that are available to our customers,” said Cat Toomey, director of marketing at URC. “It’s the perfect complement to our MX-series remotes and Complete Control systems and responds positively to our dealer’s ever-evolving needs.”

Implementation requires a one-time set-up and handshake with the URC MRX 1/2 associated with the system. Access is securely password protected to insure privacy. Operation is simple, elegant and easy-to-use. Owners of URC Complete Control systems and MX-series remote controls should contact their custom installation professional for more information. The CC Control Mobile App for Android can be downloaded from The Google Play Store. Integration with the Complete Control system MRX Network Base Station requires set-up by a professional installer using a URC setup card that marries the Android App to the system. An unlimited number of Android devices can be supported.

The addition of an MRX-1/2 allows IP control in addition to RF and IR.