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Somfy Quiets Its New AC Motor

By RS Staff June 6,2014

Somfy Systems has launched a new range of radio-controlled motors for interior and exterior window coverings, the Sonesse 50 6Nm motor range. According to the company, the Sonesse is the strongest and quietest AC motor range on the market. 
Shh! Somfy's Sonesse motor is "the strongest and quietest AC motor range on the market," according to the company.
With the Sonesse range, Somfy is focusing on acoustic performance to add even more value to their motorized interior and exterior solutions, without sacrificing strength. The new 6Nm motor extends the benefits of Somfy’s Sonesse quiet range to large multi-banded/coupled window covering applications in both commercial and residential markets. The Sonesse range currently holds five registered patents and demonstrates Somfy’s commitment to providing end users with the quietest performance motors with market leading torque.
“It has been Somfy’s commitment for over 40 years to create quality motors and controls that improve occupants’ experience with their shading solutions,” said Tom Murphy, chief operating officer of Somfy North America. “The new range of Sonesse motors continues Somfy’s long tradition of providing end users with top-of-the line quiet and strong motorization solutions that also offer flexible control options.”
Somfy’s Sonesse 50 6Nm range of motors is available in a variety of technologies such as wired, RTS and RS485, which offers unparalleled choice in controls. Somfy’s Radio Technology Somfy RTS version provides options such as hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, timers and sensors and can easily integrate with third party control systems. The motors can be programmed to open and close window coverings throughout the day to control heat loss and gain, glare reductions and to protect high-end furnishings from the sun’s harmful UV rays. All of Somfy’s motors come with a five-year warranty.