Former CEDIA CEO Launches ‘Disruptive’ Automation Brand

By Joe Palenchar, TWICE October 2,2012

Startup Ube Management, whose founders include former CEDIA CEO Utz Baldwin, plans November availability of free Android and iOS apps that deliver Wi-Fi and cellular control of more than 200 IP-based home electronics and home-control products.
Utz Baldwin

Click here for Residential Systems editorial director Jeremy Glowacki's take on Ube. 
The compatible products range from smart TVs and set-top boxes to garage-door openers, thermostats, and planned Ube-brand lighting dimmers and smart power outlets. Ube-branded lighting dimmers and smart outlets are due in March.

The technology eliminates the need to install a central processing unit to control multiple home systems and requires no programming or mixing and matching of different hardware and software standards, the company said. Ube’s system will therefore bring down the cost of home control to mass-market prices, the company continued. By moving the intelligence into the device, these smart energy devices enable simple, intuitive smartphone control of home lighting and other appliances, the company said.

The company is using seed money from founders and angel investors to launch the apps, and it plans to raise additional money to launch the Ube-branded hardware.

Ube is demonstrating the apps and prototypes of its hardware at today’s DEMO trade event in Santa Clara, CA.

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    That's great. First Ulz helped destroy the trade organization Cedia he managed by creating absolutely zero value for the members and now he seeks to destroy the industry he was once a part of. Good thing his track record of goal achievement is so bad that there is not much to worry about. I predict failure...again.

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    I agree. Good luck.

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    LumenCache: Best holiday present to the CEDIA members ever ;-) (this is Derek BTW) Here's to a great future of smartphone and tablet-controlled devices and all the end-users who can't open the instructions but are happy to pay $1000 for an AV specialist to do it. Hey Utz! Have your interface guy register on the forum and request access to the Gateway Developers Forum.

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