Beyond the Apple Watch
   March 27, 2015
There has been a lot written about the Apple Watch, but not as much on other announcements made last month by Apple. More..

Watching Apple
By Gordon Van Zuiden,   March 27, 2015
On March 9, Apple announced that it would start shipping its new watch at the end of April with prices starting at $349. More..

Color Coding
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   March 27, 2015
During last month’s Azione Unlimited buying group Spring Soiree in Nashville, TN, Peter Sieffert, from Swiss Avenue Partners in San Diego discussed how he coaches clients to move away from being reactive in their business ownership and management roles, and more proactive and “hands off.” More..

Control4 Adds Products, Upgrades OS and App
By Joseph Palenchar,   March 03, 2015
Control 4 has unveiled its 2.7 smart-home OS and multiple products compatible with it, including a new wireless thermostat, new in-wall and tabletop touchscreens with HD video intercom, and a handheld remote. More..

Establishing a Proper Succession Plan for Your Family-Owned Business
By Mike Detmer,   March 02, 2015
When I sat down with Jack, David, and Erik to talk about managing their family-owned-and-operated business, several questions were on my mind. More..

Time for Xchange
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   March 02, 2015
I’m usually not a demanding person, but you really need to register for CEDIA’s Business Xchange Conference today. More..

How to Find and Fix Common Audio Setup Errors
By Tony Grimani,   March 02, 2015
Despite our geek-driven desire to impress clients, we often miss the mark. More..

Dish Network Continues CI Channel Partnership Roll-out
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   February 02, 2015
During International CES last month, Dish Network made headlines with news of its first 4K Ultra HD programming plans and an “over-thetop” (OTT) streaming service targeting so-called cord cutters. More..

Avoiding Oversights in Private Theater Lighting Designs
By Sam Cavitt,   January 29, 2015
We often hear comments like, “What’s the big deal, it is supposed to be a dark room anyway” or “The lighting design has already been done by the interior designer.” More..

Selling Against the Mass Luxury Trend
By Ira Friedman,   January 29, 2015
Client expectations have intensified in the past decade, putting increased pressure on your margins, workmanship, and timeliness. More..

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