Automated Energy Efficient Bulbs and Shades are Poised to Go Mainstream
By Lindsey Adler,   July 23, 2014
Automated lighting and shading solutions lead the way when it comes to reducing our carbon footprints at home, and manufacturers affirm that the industry is poised for a perfect storm of consumer adoption and implementation by professionals. More..

Reviewing the Pros and Cons of Anamorphic Widescreen Projection
By David Abrams,   July 21, 2014
We’ve all been there, we’ve had those clients that want a screen from wall to wall, but don’t have the room height or viewing angle to do so–at least not at the standard 1.78:1 (16:9) aspect ratio. More..

Four Audio Demos that Are More Finesse than Ferocity
By Dennis Burger,   July 16, 2014
You’d be forgiven for believing that the only elements of a sound mix I value are dynamic range and volume, that the only demos that do it for me are the ones that flap pants legs and peel plaster. But there’s more to a good audio demo than mere cacophony. With that in mind, here's a more laid-back collection of favorite demo tunes that focus more on finesse and fidelity than ferocity and fracas. More..

CI Manufacturers Enhance Education Offerings with Product Trainings, New Facilities
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   July 08, 2014
Product and management training is the lifeblood of a custom integration business that is, by its technology-driven nature, constantly evolving. More..

At E3, Xbox and PlayStation Focused More on Games, Less on Streaming
By Michael Heiss,   July 02, 2014
While the emphasis at the annual video games show E3 last month was on games, games, and more games, there was an increasing trend toward accessing those games via streaming services, recording them, and uploading them via Twitch or other means, and for intra-game play within the home. More..

Projector Companies Offer a Range of Price Points, Image Options
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   June 05, 2014
Not that long ago, video projector options consisted of either really expensive high-end home theater units or inexpensive but relatively inadequate road warrior office products that are not really suited for home cinema. More..

Indiana Integrator Helps Bring 1920s Tivoli Theatre Back to Life
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   June 05, 2014
It’s rare when a custom integration company has the chance to work on a project with historical significance and one that literally brings a town together for a common purpose. More..

Navigating InfoComm for the Tech and Learning Needed for Light Commercial Projects
By Lindsey M. Adler,   June 05, 2014
Most residential integrators get their AV tradeshow fix in the fall at CEDIA; however, as more and more consumer AV dealers look to make a jump into more light commercial jobs, InfoComm offers many compelling means to expand that knowledge base into the pro arena on projects like restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, small offices, and corporate boardrooms. More..

Integra AVRs Add HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2
By Joseph Palenchar, TWICE,   May 21, 2014
Integra plans May availability of its first two AV receivers with HDMI 2.0 ports and HDCP 2.2 copy protection. More..

Integrated Control System Handles Movie Buff's Unique Requirements
By RS Staff,   May 19, 2014
The challenge was to create a system that offers advanced control and automation features and integrates with key sub-systems in a 40,000 squarefoot Greenwich, CT home. More..

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