Best Sellers: Industry Manufacturers Reveal 2014's Top-Selling Products
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   December 02, 2014
RS felt that this month was a great time to check in with our friends supplying products and technologies to the trade, and let them puff their chests a little bit about their 2014 top sellers. Forgive them if they’re prone to hyperbole. More..

Taking His Work Home
By RS Staff,   November 24, 2014
Residential Systems writer Todd Anthony Puma isn’t the first custom integrator to turn his home into a showroom and product testing facility. More..

Solving Low-Frequency Modes with Real World-Inspired Modeling Software
By Keith Yates,   November 24, 2014
The interaction of private theater audio with the room’s shape, dimensions, and construction can turn even the best sound systems into low-frequency “sludge pumps” that boom oppressively at one seat and are weak and vague at another seat a few feet away. More..

Making Sense of 4K UHD Connectivity Choices
By Michael Heiss,   November 19, 2014
With CEDIA EXPO 2014 now behind us and the major trade show event schedule more or less done for the year, this seems like a good time to take a step back and look at one of the most important, but perhaps somewhat now forgotten, or at least taken for granted, aspects of the installation world over the past 12 months or so: HDMI and connectivity. More..

Aesthetics Improve as Soundbars Expand into More Areas around the Home
By Lindsey M. Adler,   October 22, 2014
The ultimate audio commodity used to be headphones, but these days, that accolade goes to the soundbar. The biggest changes in the category today stem from expansion into different rooms and spaces within the home, and the design elements that must be considered, as a result. More..

CEDIA EXPO 2014 Offered Renewed Energy and Product Innovation
By RS Staff,   October 06, 2014
With CEDIA celebrating 25 years as a trade association, attendees and exhibitors at its annual convention shared an energy, enthusiasm, and optimism not seen since the housing bubble burst and the most recent economic recession gripped the world. More..

Media Management Systems Evolve With Content Streaming Demands
By Lindsey Adler,   September 24, 2014
If there is one thing that cord-cutters and the proliferation of OTT set-top box solutions tell us, it’s that consumers love streaming media for entertainment today. How this might continue to develop is at the forefront of current product development plans for media management hardware suppliers. More..

Harman Offers Northridge Facility Tour and CEDIA Plans
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   September 03, 2014
Not even a visit to its sprawling Northridge, CA, facility provides the proper sense of massive scale of Harman International’s audio manufacturing operations. More..

Finding Technologies at CEDIA EXPO That Will Impact Your Business
By Michael Heiss,   September 03, 2014
When a major trade show approaches, one of the questions you hear asked most frequently is, “What are the new things that I should be on the lookout for?” More..

The Erskine Group Answers a Texas Client's Call for 4K
By Krissy Rushing,   August 20, 2014
When the tech-savvy owners of a beautiful Texas Hill Country home decided to remodel, a home theater with a larger-than-life 4K Ultra HD system was at the top of their wish list. That desire proved to be a tall order, fraught with challenges. More..

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