Four Tips for Creating Websites to be Used as Marketing Tools
By Ted Green,   May 27, 2015
An effective web presence has evolved to become the central crucial element in the process of marketing your tech business. But the truth is, many companies fail to recognize the critical importance of a website and the amazing influence it can have on your business. More..

Staying in Tune with the Times
By Matt Pruznick,   May 19, 2015
Competition is great, especially for the tech industry. Without the perpetual thirst to one-up competitors with better designs, innovation would stagnate. More..

Audio’s Tectonic Shift
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   May 18, 2015
Whether or not you believe that Neil Young’s Pono portable audio player provides audio quality at resolution to justify its premium price tag, or if you think Jay-Z’s re-launched TIDAL music streaming service will appeal to consumers or just offer a better pay day for recording artists, there’s no denying that “audio” has become a part of the public conversation. More..

Demo Scene: Science Fiction Triple Feature
By Dennis Burger,   May 04, 2015
Here’s your chance to show clients just how much better a well-crafted home theater system can look and sound than the commercial competition. More..

Sound Concepts Creates a Showroom for Selling 4K
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   April 29, 2015
“They see it and say, ‘I’ve got to have it.’” More..

A Sound Investment
By Jeremy J. Glowacki,   April 27, 2015
Ian Williams, president of Sterling, VA-based Encore Custom Audio Video, knew that the three-year lease would be expiring soon on his showroom facility. More..

Is IoT the NBT?
By Ted Green ,   April 01, 2015
What does the Internet of Things trend mean for integrators? More..

Big Control in Little Rock
By RS Staff,   March 27, 2015
Implementing failsafe security capabilities within residential settings means integrating solutions and components that will ensure error-free operation throughout the home–at all times. More..

A Case for Buttons
By Matt Pruznick,   March 26, 2015
The world cannot live on apps alone. More..

Finding the Elusive AV Receiver that Supports 4K-Caliber Copy Protection
By John Sciacca,   March 03, 2015
HDCP. Have there ever been four letters that have caused a larger collective shudder from custom integrators everywhere? More..

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