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How to Integrate Dolby Atmos in a Home
By Anthony Grimani,   September 04, 2014
You’ve probably heard all about Dolby Atmos, the new immersive audio format hitting the consumer market. More..

The Future of Surround Sound
By Anthony Grimani,   May 19, 2014
Say what you will about our industry, but it is not afraid of new technology. More..

Get Out There with Your Audio Analyzers and Measure What your Systems are Doing
By Anthony Grimani,   March 06, 2014
You’re probably familiar with the Denver Broncos’ story this year: future Hall of Fame QB, record-setting offense, expected to win the Super Bowl by most pundits. More..

Adding The Excitement of First-Run Movies in Your Clients' Homes
By Anthony Grimani,   November 05, 2013
If you walked the halls of CEDIA EXPO this year, you probably heard some statements like, “Dedicated home theaters are on the decline,” or “People prefer to watch movies in multi-purpose living spaces or on their smartphones and tablets.” More..

Tangible Ways Power Conditioning Can Improve Your Installation
By Anthony Grimani,   August 29, 2013
Power conditioning is important, but not for the reasons you may be led to believe. More..

Proper Documentation at the Start of the Project Makes All the Difference
By Anthony Grimani,   May 29, 2013
I am standing in my backyard in disbelief, looking at the partially complete fence that I asked a contractor to build to keep the ravenous Northern California deer from eating my priceless heirloom tomatoes. More..

How Many Subwoofers to Use and Where to Put Them
By Anthony Grimani,   April 02, 2013
We need to stop reinventing the wheel where bass is concerned. More..

What to Do When Multi-Channel Audio Streaming Doesn’t Work
By Anthony Grimani,   January 09, 2013
Streaming video and video on demand (VOD) are quickly replacing Blu-ray, DVD, cable, and satellite as our clients’ preferred methods for acquiring program material. And, although there are several industry standards in place for verifying audio and video performance for legacy sources, VOD is an entirely different animal. More..

A Different Way to Label
By Anthony Grimani,   August 31, 2012
I ran into a common problem on an install the other day. More..

Acoustics Refresher: Boiling Down Room Treatment Essentials
By Anthony Grimani,   August 06, 2012
Hopefully, most of you are already up to speed on acoustical treatment and could just use a refresher. For those who aren’t—maybe this is your first time ever hearing about acoustical treatment—this won’t substitute for an acoustics textbook or a CEDIA lecture, but it will get you on your way. More..

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