Improving Communication
By Jeremy Burkhardt,   February 03, 2012
The life you live is under your control. More..

In Defense of Good Reps
By Jeremy Burkardt,   October 07, 2011
As an independent business owner in the custom industry you often have most of your brand interface with an independent sales representative who sells many different product lines. More..

Lessons from The Road
By Jeremy Burkhardt,   July 12, 2011
I recently visited with more than 100 integrators in a three-week period, sitting down to discuss business in small groups and one-on-one. More..

Adapting to Change
By Jeremy Burkhardt,   February 02, 2011
Technology propels itself forward faster and faster. More..

Burkhardt’s Ice Breakers
By Jeremy Burkhardt,   December 01, 2010
It’s your job not only to design systems for your clients, but also to “design” the relationship that you have with them. More..

Love Your Choices
By By Jeremy Burkhardt,   September 21, 2010
My passions are the most important part of my existence. More..

The Collapse You Survived
By Jeremy Burkhardt,   August 05, 2010
Applying Valuable Lessons Learned from the New Economy More..

Trying to Be Like Phil
By JEREMY BURKHARDT,   June 08, 2010
You are the coach of your business, but it is up to you to determine what game you are playing and what winning means, from the types of installs that you do, to how much profit you make, and how many jobs you want do per year. More..

It’s Our Turn to Sell 3D
By Jeremy Burkhardt,   February 02, 2010
Embracing A New Technology And How To Succeed In 2010 In our business, manufacturers always embrace new technology, and 3D is the hot product of moment. Simultaneously, with fewer new homes being built, our industry must attract and sell to new clients in existing homes. More..

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