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The Integration Guide to 4K Video
By Llanor Alleyne,   June 30, 2015
In April 2015 more than three million 4K LCD TV panels were shipped worldwide, exceeding past monthly shipment numbers and comprising 14 percent of all LCD TV panel shipments for April. More..

The Integration Guide to Home Automation
By Llanor Alleyne,   April 30, 2015
The idea of the “smart home” is not new, but never have we as a society been closer to achieving the essential qualities inherent in those two words than we are now. More..

The Integration Guide to AV Signal Distribution Products
By Llanor Alleyne,   March 27, 2015
Recent developments in custom AV distribution have been nothing short of staggering. More..

The Integration Guide to All-Weather AV
By Llanor Alleyne,   March 03, 2015
The idea of having an outdoor entertainment system is not new, though the challenge has always been finding quality audio and video components that live up to the standard often found in the best home theater systems. More..

Security Systems & Cameras
By Llanor Alleyne,   February 02, 2015
In a millennium, when students are studying our present as their past, much will be made of the role of the smart phone in fueling a technology revolution. More..

Understanding Dolby Atmos
By Llanor Alleyne,   January 08, 2015
Home theaters, even some that can be purchased right off the shelf, tend toward the sonically spectacular. More..

In a Hidden Place
By Llanor Alleyne,   November 25, 2014
There was a time when interior designers—with their mood boards, color swatches, and barely disguised technophobia—induced near unbearable heartburn in the chests of custom integrators. More..

Wireless by Design
By Llanor Alleyne,   October 28, 2014
Custom integration distribution firms are about to close out 2014 having witnessed and catered to an ever-changing market. More..

Projector and Projection Screen Manufacturers Play to the Multipurpose Room Market
By Llanor Alleyne,   October 13, 2014
Projector-centered home theaters have always been about the bigger, better picture. More..

The Role of Lighting and Shade Control in the Connected Home
By Llanor Alleyne,   September 04, 2014
The beauty of curtains has always been their simple, yet multifaceted functionality: block out or filter light while adding aesthetically to a space. More..

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