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Projector and Projection Screen Manufacturers Play to the Multipurpose Room Market
By Llanor Alleyne,   October 13, 2014
Projector-centered home theaters have always been about the bigger, better picture. More..

The Role of Lighting and Shade Control in the Connected Home
By Llanor Alleyne,   September 04, 2014
The beauty of curtains has always been their simple, yet multifaceted functionality: block out or filter light while adding aesthetically to a space. More..

Consumer Awareness of Wireless Audio Distribution Systems has Fueled Improvement
By Llanor Alleyne,   August 27, 2014
There was a time when the ultimate in home audio was a shiny, stackable stereo system—each component acquired after much obsessive research—paired with well-sourced and matched box speakers. Today, consumers have a depth of knowledge underpinned by near blasé expectations of wireless audio distribution systems that was practically unheard of just a few short years ago. More..

CI Manufacturers Couple Dedicated Control Systems with Mobile Devices
By Llanor Alleyne,   July 03, 2014
The past few years, with the proliferation of IP networking and the ever-growing dominance of mobile devices, home automation and by extension the role and functionality of remote controls and touchscreens has shifted, though the desire for dedicated control, no matter how it is delivered has not. More..

An AV Integration Guide to Racks, Mounts, and Enclosures for New Tech
By Llanor Alleyne,   June 30, 2014
In the past, the bulky nature of essential home entertainment components has guided the design of the mounts, lifts, racks, and enclosures that have literally supported them. More..

Making Custom Home Automation Stand Out in an App-based World
By Llanor Alleyne,   May 19, 2014
Earlier this year, Dave Daniels, head of Aspen, CO-based custom integration firm Xssentials, in addressing a room full of his colleagues at the Azione Unlimited buying group spring conference in Las Vegas, emphasized the need for custom integrators to retool their business models if their roles and the CI channel at large were to stay competitive in the face of the ever blurring lines between custom integration, DIY options, and utilities-driven initiatives. More..

May 2014 Residential Systems Online Index
   April 25, 2014

Integrator Voices | Home Automation
By RS Staff,   April 25, 2014

Custom Distributor Guide 2014
By Lindsey Adler,   April 07, 2014
The go-it-alone strategy hardly ever helps anyone. More..

Outdoor AV Products Redefine the Traditional Backyard
By Llanor Alleyne,   March 06, 2014
Beyond bright children’s swings, barbecue grills, and perfectly clipped hedges, the uses of the traditional residential backyard has been undergoing a transformation that reflects larger trends toward more contemporary concepts of living. More..

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