Peer Product Review

Peer Products Review Guide 2009
   December 04, 2009
Information defines the new millennium, and yet, it’s still a chore to find what we need, when we need it. There are as many comparison shopping websites as there are Gmail addresses, and searching for flights, new restaurants, or services, is a job in itself. More..

Meridian: MF10 1080p HD Projector
   December 04, 2008
The MF10 provides the superb quality of an A to A-plus projector. In relation to other projectors on the market, after definite and direct comparisons, we have noticed there are a multitude of projectors that occupy the B to A-minus range of performance. More..

REVENEW SYSTEMS: Online Toolbox Platform
   December 04, 2008
I rate the Online Toolbox a 9.5. By and large the Revenew Online Toolbox is easyto- use. It is comprehensive, delivers the right information to us, and provides the kind of feedback that we need. It also makes doing direct-mail campaigns with greater frequency much simpler and more feasible for us. More..

SI: Black Diamond Projection Screen
   December 04, 2008
I would definitely rate this as an A-plus product compared with what is currently available on the market. The combination of performance and price point really hit a sweet spot in the market and set a new standard for screens. More..

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