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SureCall Fusion5s Cell Phone Booster Review
By Tom Hernandez,   June 30, 2015
Some people think that because I’m a reseller and installer of cellular signal boosters and have access to just about any brand and model of booster I want to try, that my home ends up being a test bed for new products. More..

Definitive Technology Symphony 1 Headphones Review
By John Sciacca,   June 29, 2015
The headphone market explosion over the past few years has inspired nearly every speaker manufacturer to jump on board with its own spin on personal audio. More..

Control4 SR-260 System Remote Review
By Dennis Burger,   June 02, 2015
I’m sure you’ve been in this position before: a manufacturer introduces some shiny new thing to replace the less-than-shiny old thing you’ve been selling and integrating for years, and all of a sudden that less-thanshiny old thing looks positively obsolete. More..

PSB Alpha VS21 VisionSound and SubSeries 150 Review
By John Sciacca,   June 02, 2015
While TVs were never really known for delivering great audio, when they started getting increasingly thinner and with bezels measuring in millimeters, it’s really no surprise that audio began to really take a backseat, and TV sound quality was even further compromised. More..

STR-A3000ES 7.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver
By John Sciacca,   April 30, 2015
What really convinced me to request this receiver for review was a recent blog I wrote on the current state of 4K-capable receivers. More..

Acer Aspire R 13 Series Product Review
By Margot Douaihy,   April 20, 2015
Media hubs used to cost thousands of dollars; the R 13 provides similar functionality at a fraction of the cost, without any limitations or omitted features. More..

SnapAV's Wirepath NVR and IP Camera Review
By Dennis Burger,   March 27, 2015
I like knowing what I’m getting myself into ahead of time. More..

CT-4+ Multi-Room Music Server
By John Sciacca,   March 27, 2015
Out of the gate, the CT-4+ was noticeably far smaller than the XLI, similar in size (though a bit taller) than many cable STBs and Blu-ray players. More..

Integra DTR-70.6 Dolby Atmos AV Receiver
By Dennis Burger,   March 03, 2015
I need to get this off my chest right at the giddy-up. More..

OmniMount OE120IW Ultra Low Profile In-Wall TV Mount
By John Sciacca,   March 03, 2015
While mounting TVs is probably a large part of your business, mounts just aren’t the kinds of tech you can really get excited about. More..

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