Product Reviews

Access Networks Home Networking System
By Dennis Burger,   August 12, 2014
Pop quiz: assuming you’re familiar with Access Networks (and you should be), can you explain exactly what it is that the company does? More..

Bluesound High-Res Streaming Audio System
By John Sciacca,   August 11, 2014
The marketing jargon used to describe wireless music systems is typically laced with terms like “simple,” “convenient,” and “lifestyle.” More..

Product Review: Paradigm’s Soundscape Powered Soundbar
By John Sciacca,   July 07, 2014
The Soundscape, hailing from the Paradigm’s successful Monitor Series, is the company’s first foray into the 5.1-channel powered soundbar category. The Soundscape uses Paradigm’s PAL anodized pure aluminum tweeters instead of MartinLogans’ Folded Motion high-frequency drivers, and features significantly more amplifier power. More..

Park Stevens Landscape Audio System
By Dennis Burger,   June 05, 2014
I should probably just go ahead and admit my biases from the giddy-up: my expectations for outdoor speakers have, generally speaking, always been pretty low, at least when compared with indoor speakers. More..

Clare Controls amp.1640 16-channel Amp
By John Sciacca,   June 05, 2014
For many things, bigger is better. Gas station sodas, SUVs, home theater screens… More..

Honeywell Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat with Voice Control
By John Sciacca,   May 19, 2014
Know what doesn’t come with a $5,000 HVAC system install? A decent thermostat. More..

Peerless-AV PeerSound Wireless Audio System
By Dennis Burger,   May 19, 2014
The custom industry is finally catching up to the concept of wireless distributed audio in a serious way, as evidenced by products like Peerless-AV’s PeerSound Wireless Audio System. More..

Sonance SB46 M Soundbar
By Dennis Burger,   April 03, 2014
I have an immense amount of respect for marketing folks. A good marketing campaign, after all, can beautifully and succinctly encapsulate a product in such a way that you just grok it nearly instantly. More..

OmniMount PJT40 Universal Projector Mount
By John Sciacca,   April 03, 2014
Remember when installing a video projector was a huge deal? When I started in this industry, nearly every projector we sold was $9,995 or more and required a mount provided by the manufacturer. More..

RipWave Media Premium Media Server
By John Sciacca,   March 06, 2014
Media servers used to be the hot products at tradeshows, with numerous manufacturers demonstrating their spins on the category. More..

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