Theater Design

Teaching Clients that a High-End Private Theater Requires the Expertise of Many Trades
By Sam Cavitt,   October 06, 2014
Our industry is wrought with buzzwords and acronyms, and “turnkey” is a term that has been thrown about for a long time. More..

Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos Compete for 3D Audio Format Supremacy
By Sam Cavitt,   August 18, 2014
You may not remember Beta versus VHS, but we were all here for Blu-ray versus HD DVD, and now we have Dolby Atmos versus Auro 3D. More..

Dividing Private Theater Budgets into Five Sellable Categories
By Sam Cavitt,   June 05, 2014
In a recent workshop on selling high-performance solutions, the question was asked, “What is the first piece of information that you provide to your prospective client?” More..

Bad Habits to Avoid While Selling Private Theaters
By Sam Cavitt,   February 06, 2014
People have been selling home theaters for more than 20 years–certainly long enough to have gotten it right. More..

Selling the Wrong Chair Can Negate Careful AV Engineering
By Sam Cavitt,   July 31, 2013
The audience experience is the most important element in a private theater design, from the accuracy of the audio system to the stunning visual capabilities of the HD video. More..

Choosing a Ceiling Design That Doesn’t Destroy a Theater’s Acoustics
By Sam Cavitt,   May 29, 2013
When creating private theater rooms, many designers and architects now understand the need for acoustical treatments in walls and that we don’t want large windows along sidewalls. More..

A Bad Environment for Audio Fails Our Clients
By Sam Cavitt,   March 18, 2013
Most professional integrators would never consider installing a high-performance video projection system in a white room with windows and high levels of ambient light, because that environment would render the performance capabilities of the system imperceptible. More..

‘We Don’t Need a Home Theater’
By Sam Cavitt,   October 03, 2012
I participated in a panel discussion at CEDIA EXPO where the subject was the trend away from “dedicated theaters” toward “mixed-use rooms.” More..

Luxury Markets Take Discipline
By Sam Cavitt,   August 03, 2012
Several years ago we were invited to deliver a talk to the senior class at a local interior design school. More..

Selling High Performance
By Sam Cavitt,   March 02, 2012
Recently, I attended a webinar about building sales techniques and strategies for selling high-performance video solutions for home theater projects. More..

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