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Capitalizing on the 'Magnetic Middle' To Find Where Clients Will Spend Money
By Dave Chace,   January 13, 2014
“When I grow up, I want to be incredibly average!” More..

Simple Rules to Leave a Lasting Impression with Clients
By Dave Chace,   September 20, 2013
It’s the little things that count. You take pride in the quality of workmanship you bring to the systems you design and install. However, it’s easy to lose sight of the simple gestures that convey to the client that you’re being considerate of them, and showing the utmost respect to them and their home. More..

Proper Communication Can Mean the Difference Between Dollars and Duds for Your Business
By Dave Chace,   July 22, 2013
Your business requires face-to-face communication with clients on a constant basis. More..

Addressing Employee Behavior Problems Before They Get Worse
By Dave Chace,   April 02, 2013
The perfect employee is hard to come by. More..

Four Steps to Help You Teach Any New Skill to Your Team
By Dave Chace,   February 08, 2013
Have you ever noticed how beautiful a soft serve ice cream cone looks when created properly? More..

Easing Your Client’s Pain
By Dave Chace,   December 05, 2012
Thank God for DVRs. Not only can we store all our favorite programs and view them at our convenience, but we can also skip past all those annoying commercials. More..

Overcoming Objections
By Dave Chace,   August 31, 2012
September means that CEDIA EXPO is upon us, and many of you are attending the show to see what exciting new products are available and to develop or solidify relationships. More..

Closing the Sale
By Dave Chace,   July 09, 2012
Ask any custom integrator what they love about their job and chances are, “I love asking customers for money” won’t top their list. More..

First Impressions Actually Matter
By Dave Chace,   April 04, 2012
Recently, my wife and I decided to do some home remodeling, so I set out on a search for a reputable, qualified contractor to handle the job. More..

The Big Owe
By Dave Chace,   January 03, 2012
Tradeshows like this month’s Consumer Electronics Show are a little bit like Halloween. More..

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