Getting a Handle on Handheld Remote Control Options

Crestron's MLX-2

Crestron's MLX-2 features the company's infiNET EX two-way wireless RF with long-range communications. What the manufacturer bills as advanced mesh network technology is designed to provide better reliability, true feedback, and dynamic frequency allocation. A large LCD screen displays dynamic text, supporting scrolling menus of channels, media titles, and numerous other commands. The screen can also show the time, lighting levels, room temperature, and other real-time data. The 57 programmable pushbuttons and LCD both have electroluminescent backlighting to provide optimal visibility in a range of lighting environments. The required CEN-RFGW-EX infiNET EX gateway stores and processes all the programming, data, button presses, and display changes for up to 16 MLX-2 remotes. As a result, each unit draws very little power.
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