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By Todd Anthony Puma June 30, 2015
We were in a bind. It was the weekend, so no technical support was available, and we could not get in touch with the network engineer who installed and configured this network.
By Todd Anthony Puma June 24, 2015
InfoComm was definitely an interesting show to attend, but I guess I’m a residential guy at heart and always will be. While the products were cool, it just didn’t get my heart pumping like CEDIA EXPO does.
By Todd Anthony Puma June 16, 2015
Beta testing is a fact of life and is something we all need to be dedicated to—from the largest most successful manufacturer or control company down to the one-man AV integrator that works on small $500-5,000 jobs and needs to make sure he knows the ins and outs of the remotes he programs and the HDBaseT extenders that he installs.
By Todd Anthony Puma June 11, 2015
Finding the right partnership means finding another company where not only do you like the principals of the business, but you also have a complementary market positioning, not competitive. The right partnership will bear fruit for years to come and can lead to a more stable, well-rounded business offering and happier clients.
By Todd Anthony Puma June 04, 2015
The last thing we want to happen on a walkthrough of a jobsite with a client and other tradespeople is for there to be a disagreement between the trades over how to solve a problem, or who is doing what.
By Todd Anthony Puma May 20, 2015
We need products that just work. In fact, I often prefer to work with a product that came out a little bit later instead of the first-to-market solution, because there are always bugs to be worked out.
By Todd Anthony Puma May 07, 2015
We are the experts. While a client may ask for a second opinion from a trusted advisor, we know the product and process better than anyone else and need to assert our knowledge and expertise.
By Todd Anthony Puma April 29, 2015
It’s the nature of the beast in our industry; there are going to be slow periods. Project flow is a challenge to manage, especially as jobs get pushed back for reasons beyond our control. I’ve been using the downtime productively both for myself and for my team and I thought it might be helpful to share.
By Todd Anthony Puma April 22, 2015
When it comes to my business and our industry, there are different issues that can keep me awake at night. I want to share a few examples of these, and offer my strategies for coping with them. 
By Todd Anthony Puma April 15, 2015
Over the 10 years that I’ve owned The Source Home Theater, I have gone through many different brands across almost every product line. I have now narrowed down my “shopping list” to the brands I know work for me and my clients day in and day out.


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